You’re Exactly Where You’re Needed

59 days have passed since new year 2017! Welcome March! What have you been up to? Any exciting news happening your way? We’ll tell you a short uplifting story for some inspiration and encouragement.

Here goes. Sadly for us, it’s almost 3 or maybe 5 years now since we had our first working shop online website destroyed. If you didn’t know. Let us tell you our uplifting story. Someone had bullied us out and destroyed our only chance then to have one of our dreams come true – Our own online shop working. If you had read our story, you will know why we wanted to run a successful online shop. Until now, we couldn’t believe that a human being can actually do such a thing. We thought that it was pure evil and very destructive, don’t you think? Scary thought. Have you ever encountered one?

Why do we continuously share this story to you? Why do we believe that we’re exactly where we’re needed to be? Because we want you to know and to help you realize that there’s some truth behind the quotes “everything happens for a reason” and “you’re exactly where you’re need to be. We want to inspire and to encourage you that you must never stop at nothing to achieve one of your dreams as long as no one is deeply hurt in the process. Yes, we’ve had a fair share of injustices done over the years but with God’s grace, and hard work, we didn’t let anything stop us though we felt all the heartaches and pains. And we’re happy to continuously share the story behind it to inspire you and to encourage you.

So what if someone gets deeply hurt in the process? Because no good human being will ever feel fulfilled, contented and satisfied achieving their dream in life knowing that someone was deeply hurt in the process. Because even if you made it to the top – the joy, the fulfillment and success is never complete.

Believing everything happens for a reason.. Believing we’re where we are needed to be.. To be honest we never managed to apply these quotes right there and then when it happened. Who could have? We didn’t understand it and we couldn’t take it in the beginning. We were so broken hearted and so disheartened.. so upset and yes we were very angry. The damage done was huge, it was so important for us. Who wouldn’t? All the efforts, time and the money we had spent building it went down the drain. Yes, we suspected someone who was behind it. But we couldn’t provide any proof.

What did we do to move on? In order to help us move on.. we picked ourselves up and continued. What else could we do? Thanks to hard work, good intentions, natural organic living, determination and prayers. We are now – Reaping what we sowed over the last decade of our Vanuatu Life – including all the pains & misfortunes – see Our Informational Blog and Natural Organic Shop Online. Have a peak and enjoy what we’re sharing and what’s in our shop.

What did we do to surpass the anger, to move on? It was never easy. But you know what helped us? Reading loads of guides and information on how to learn to let go, how to forgive and to forget, meditation, controlling emotions and doing the work, applying what we learned, all truly helped. Looking back to all our past heartaches and examining what we did to overcome it also helped. Another very important thing is that if you trust, believe and have faith in the powerful force of the Universe – no harm will ever come your way. Your spirit will always feel light and you will learn that any anger is only but a moment and truly unnecessary. It’s also very important to have someone in your life, to have people surrounding you, who believes the same way you do.

So, back to believing that everything happens for a reason.. now, when we look back all those years that we could have had our website up and running, we can now honestly Thank this person who destroyed our online shop then because if this person hadn’t done what he’d done, we couldn’t have set  up our online shop the way we have always want it to be, the way our natural organic shop is set up now.. we wouldn’t have all the experiences, the information and the confidence now that’s very crucial for our blog  and to launch our natural organic shop online.

Does this sound familiar to you? Does something like this ever happened to you? Realizing that yeah… if that didn’t happen.. if it didn’t occur.. I wouldn’t be here.. we wouldn’t be here. This is what happened to us and a lot more. Please feel free to share in out comment box so you can also inspire others.

There you go.. Now you know our story and now you know our ways to help us out, to help ourselves to let go of what happened. BUT know this, no one can help ourselves better than us alone with our Universe, our God on our side. We own our lives, our beautiful life is a gift and we alone will run our show. Our wife, our husband, our partners, our family, our friends, they’re there to help and guide us but ultimately, it’s us alone who makes the decision at the end of the day. We either get stuck or we move on.

So you see, we moved on indeed and we want you to know that so can you. Whatever dire situation you’re in.. always know and trust that it’s only temporary. How many times in the past already that you felt and thought that you had all the burdens in the world, yet Look at you.. You’re still here stronger, more courageous and confident than ever. You have yourself to thank, we have the powerful forces of the universe to thank for always and the people around you who continuously inspire and encourage you.

The powerful forces of the universe will always look after you as long as you’d ask for it, make time for it, pray for it and believe it with all of your heart.

Life will always take us where we’re needed to be. With this knowledge, there’ll be no stresses and no problems will ever steal the smile in our faces.

So now you see, our Life isn’t perfect, it’s perfectly imperfect! Yes, you will see us enjoying and continuously living the tropical island life but alongside it are the many hurdles, stresses and problems along the way.  But despite the hurdles, having someone and that powerful force in our lives – Life comes easier and no day will pass that we don’t feel extremely grateful!

What about you? Do you have some inspiring stories to share to our community? Please feel free to share in our comments area below and let’s continue to inspire one another..

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You’re Exactly Where You’re Needed!


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