A Quickie!

A Quickie!

Did you know that whenever you purchase from our Eco-friendly Boutique Online, most of the money goes directly to the Local businesses we support? www.natural-organic-living.com

Yup! The rest goes out to the upkeep and smooth operation of the shop/website, ie fees to pay internet, power, marketing, web hosting, online payment fees, phone calls, time getting items, e-mail etc & a portion to our supported peeps and the list goes on  We are happy! We are grateful! 

natural organic shop vanuatu living thanks you
natural organic living thanks you

So, from the bottom of our hearts, we all THANK YOU for all your purchases and support! You made us all feel warm inside and happy knowing that you’re there to keep us all going!! Awesome! 

Keep sharing and purchasing! ? Treat, Indulge, Spoil.


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