Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil Shop Range

At Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil Shop Range – Here you will find our Natural, Organic and Fabulous Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil Range from Vanuatu. A Selection of treats for your body, hair, skin and soul! In addition they are high quality, luxury and organic products from Paradise – Vanuatu! Also, we offer only the very best, hand picked for you from all the amazing products available here. Most of all, they are all in one fabulous one stop Organic Shop for your convenience!

Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil Range is certified organic, 100% pure Tamanu Oil is undiluted. It has no additives whatsoever and is never subjected to any chemical filtering or other processes. The end result is a rich, luxurious oil that is thick, dark green in color with its natural nutty aroma. In addition, our Tamanu Oil only comes from the nuts of coastal trees rather than inland or man-made plantations. Moreover, the Ni Vanuatu say that Tamanu Trees that grow like this by the shoreline produce the best Tamanu Oil. Also their belief is that these trees draw additional nutrients from the coral. While this long-standing custom belief has never been scientifically tested, Tamanu Trees that grow by the seaside are magnificent and prolific when it comes to producing extremely high quality, Tamanu Nuts.

So why not spoil yourself – go on because You are worth it!

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