Meet Marie Aru

It’s indeed our great pleasure and honour to introduce Auntie Marie Aru of Marie’s Creations, Vanuatu.

Meet Marie Aru of Maries Creations in Vanuatu

Meet Marie Aru of Marie’s Creations in Vanuatu

We had the pleasure of meeting this incredible woman back in 2007. Scott first met Marie when Scott bought a gorgeous Lava Lava “sarong’ with a beautiful turtle design. This sarong lasted Scott early this year due to wear and tear. It lasted almost 11 years. Auntie Marie is making a new one for Scott & for Michelle.

Who is Marie Aru? Marie is a local Vanuatu artist. Empowered Local Ni-Vanuatu woman. She speaks Bislama and English fluently. Born in a family of artist. She is from Pentecost. Pentecost is one of the beautiful islands of Vanuatu where Bungee Jumping originated. Her younger brother was one of her inspirations. Marie saw her brother painted many beautiful art. This was back in 1973. Since then she never stopped creating, designing and painting. She also learned how to sew. Marie have made many Vanuatu tourists very happy, some turned friends and been happy buying and supporting her work. You would too as soon as you saw her creations. Her creations are simply beautiful and are created with passion.

Maries Creations Vanuatu
Marie’s Creations Vanuatu

You can buy above whilst overseas here.

Where to find her? It’s very easy. You will find Marie and some of her gorgeous creations in the Centre Point Handicraft Market, Port Vila, Vanuatu. It’s in the middle of town. You will not miss it. You’ll not miss her either, everyone knows Auntie Marie.

You can do anything with Marie’s Creations.

What does she do? There’s nothing that Marie cannot do, art wise, sewing wise. She custom makes your desires. She sews and designs table runners, Table cloth, Tea Towels, wall art, wall painting, Bed covers. Marie also makes bed sheets, lava-lava “sarong”, t-shirt designs. She sew. She makes dresses, kaftans, men’s shirts, kids, young, adult dresses and add her art designs on them. Marie is versatile, simply tell her what you need, she’ll make it happen! All island Vanuatu paradise inspired. Great Vanuatu souvenirs and gifting ideas from her creations.

Coming Direct from the Amazing Marie Aru’s Lips..

Marie’s Creations is the name I decided to give to my Art work. I started 1991.  I came and set up in Centre point in 1993. Since then I had customers from around the globe.  My designs are handpainted. They’re original and exclusive. Paints àre colour fast because they are heated. Hand wash or cold and gentle wash in washing machine. I do tablecloths of different sizes, lavalavas or pareo, table runners, bed runners, pillowcases, t-towels, kaftins, wall hangings and dresses. I also do painting workshop for interested people. I have about 6 different styles òf painting on fabric.   The most expensive style is coral painting.

meet marie aru in vanuatu, vanuatu artist
Marie Aru’s Table runners – you can frame and make as wall designs. 

Meet marie aru

Marie’s Kaftan with her Turtle Art Design       


Does Marie teaches Art? She surely does! She teaches 3 hours of painting. After this 3 hours, you will learn how to paint. A skill that you’ll have for life. A skill that you can further develop and make business out of it.

So, never miss out on the wonderful opportunity of meeting this highly respected and happy Ni-Vanuatu Woman artist, Marie Aru. An Artist. A friend. Empowered Woman. Empowering Local Women, Men and Children.

You know where to find her! Make Auntie Marie and her team very happy with your visit! They’re always happy to see you and are ready to give you their best smiles! 🙂 They’ll make your visits memorable and worthwhile.

The 3min. Clip Interview of Marie.

Video Credit to Video Services Vanuatu.

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