Gorgeous Vanuatu Fine Design Jewellery

Absolutely Stunning Artisan Fine Design Jewellery
Artisan Handmade Vanuatu Fine Design Jewellery

> Feel Amazing, Look Fabulous, Enhancing your beauty naturally
> Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Empowering Local Communities
> At your Fingertips to Offer you Pure Pleasure, Pride, Style, Glamour, Luxury, Class, Elegance and Sophistication
> Vanuatu Bijouterie is 100% owned & operated by Ni-Vanuatu since 1971 and is a long time supporter of the Kiwanis and other charity organisations

Vanuatu Bijouterie – world class artisan fine design jeweller since 1971, your Artisan Handmade Vanuatu Fine Design Jewellery Atelier and Shop
– Exquisite, High Quality, The Best, Precision-Creation, Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Sustainable –

To suit the taste of all fine design jewellery enthusiasts.

Vanuatu Bijouterie has it all – Gold, Real Vanuatu Tusk, Authentic, Black Tahitian Pearls, Sterling Silver, Precious Metals, Corals, Gems & Stones. They are the only Fine Design Jeweller in the South Pacific that does and have it all.

Thoughtful Vanuatu Souvenir. Luxury Gift for You and your Loved Ones. Pass on to your next generation. Money is never wasted on you and on your family.