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Who is Lapita Cafe Vanuatu – Who are they?

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the development of Local Food in Vanuatu? Or who’s producing Local Cookies, Gluten Free Flour, Gluten Free Cookies, Jams, Nagae (Canarium) Nuts? Products that you’ve taken home as souvenirs for your Vanuatu Holiday. Found in local Shops around Vanuatu?

Or some of the treats you’ve had in the resorts that you’ve stayed or had onboard Air Vanuatu flights? Lapita Cafe Vanuatu is behind all these yummy and delicious treats!

It’s good to know that whenever you buy Lapita Cafe’s Products locally and online when overseas, you’re greatly supporting local business, increasing earning opportunities for many local communities and promoting Vanuatu’s economy.

Lapita Cafe Vanuatu headed by Madame Votausi Mackenzie-Reur

Madame Votausi and her Lapita Café Team are the wonderful group of empowered local people. Also they are the local business behind and responsible for developing local Vanuatu food. Moreover, for providing our nation all the goodness our nature has gifted us – from our nature to our plate. 20 years in business and staying strong, together with all your support by buying their yummy delicious healthy food.


Shop Organic Food Lapita Cafe Vanuatu
Shop Organic Food Lapita Cafe


Lapita Café’s Brief History

Who is Lapita Café  Ltd in Vanuatu / Who is Votausi / Who is Geordie?

Lapita Café Limited was born out of a small catering business in 1992 by the owners who were ex- Government Employees. Votausi, a Nutritionist who at that time, was creating and providing nutritious meals and snacks from her kitchen using local foods and Geordie, an agriculture extension and rural development specialist.

Lapita Café Vanuatu Progress and Development

The business has been in existence for over 20 years and has evolved from the kitchen to Institutional Catering, Restaurant, and Coffee Shops (Domestic Airports). They presently continue to maintain their catering part of the business and have gone another step further with local food processing. In particular, adding value to local products for the domestic and export markets.

The owners see the future potential growth for Lapita Processing as a growing industry for Vanuatu given its fertile volcanic soils and an active dominant rural population. With the determination and experience of the owners of the company, Lapita products will continue to grow into the future.

Lapita Café Vanuatu Developed Products

Currently the company create the following products:

1.Root vegetable chips for example – Taro Salted chips.
2.Manioc Flour: This is a glutenfree flour made from the root vegetable manioc, which is one of the main food staples throughout Vanuatu.
3.Assorted Flavoured Cookies (Glutenfree and Non Glutenfree) using local nuts and spices and Lapita’s own glutenfree flour as the main ingredient. The cookies are available in various pack sizes.
4.Nuts: The traditional nuts, nangai or scientifically known as Canarium Indicum are dried, roasted, salted and sugar coated. They come in various pack sizes. These are wildly harvested through out the islands.
5.Pure Nangai Oil which is produced from the Canarium Indicum and is sold in small bottles.

6.Chutneys from local fruits such as Tamarind, Mango and Pawpaw
7.Sauces and Relish like Tamarind Sweet Chilli Sauce, Choko and Vegetable Relish.
8.Jams, for example Pawpaw and Ginger Jam and Mango Jam.
9.Dried Local Fruits such as Dried Banana and Dried Pineapple.

Where to Find Us

Customers can visit their little shop and Cafe at their processing facility located at Nambatri. First of all, find the wharf road. Next, turn into Vila Refrigeration and then drive to the end of the road. After that, look out for a large sign at the front of the building. Finally you have arrived and welcome!

Furthermore, Visitors can come and buy Lapita products at factory price. Finally, Opening hours are 7.30am to 11.45pm and 1.00pm to 4.45pm.

Visit Lapita Cafe’s Online Shop here. Shop, Treat Yourself and Continue to Make a Difference.

Shop Organic Food Lapita Cafe
Shop Organic Food Lapita Cafe