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We Live on a Beautiful Planet - Song for our Planet by Lindsay Muller, Musician, Song Writer

We Live on a Beautiful Planet

We Live on a Beautiful Planet – a beautiful song, a great music for our planet. When Brazil meet Vanuatu.

Have you ever listened to some music that touched your soul? We have recently and we want to share it with you. You’d feel the same especially if you also truly care for our planet. We’re very happy and super grateful to say that Lindsay Muller, The Musician Song Writer gave us permission to share it here and for Lindsay to say something about her and her music inspirations.

Lindsay is truly one of the most beautiful souls we’ve met. We’re lucky and blessed we have despite the long distance and get the chance to listen to her heartfelt songs. Lindsay is living with her beautiful family in Brazil. We met Lindsay through a Fantastic Group that we both belonged to. One of the positive things about having internet connections. Now, you can also connect and follow her. We thought her song – Beautiful Planet – below is one of the most beautiful song, is one of the greatest music for our beautiful planet.

Spare only about 3.31 minutes to enjoy and feel it. Very inspirational and Motivating. Enjoy it as much as we have and please feel free to share.

Who is Lindsay Muller? Get to know the Amazing Soul behind the song, the amazing soul who created it for us and for our planet.

Say Hello to Lindsay Muller

Besides being a musician, I am an environmentalist. My parents were into “being green” back in the 80s before it was cool, and so I grew up learning how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The horrors of climate change have also been pounded into my head since childhood, and I have been learning even more about them since I started working for Random Acts of Green, a Canadian environmental organization.

When I look around my neighbourhood here in Brazil and see the lack of thought that goes into caring for our planet, I get scared. Yes, there are people who care and are doing wonderful things – but there are a lot of people who don’t even think twice about throwing their plastic bottle into the garbage. And perhaps it’s because it was not talked about or modelled for them by their parents and teachers.

That’s why I feel so passionate about writing songs about the earth, specifically “Beautiful Planet” – to get kids thinking about our actions, thinking about our beautiful home, from a young age. When we learn something from childhood it becomes natural, it becomes “ingrained in the brain!” I also hope it will spark discussion between parents and children as they listen.

We’d love to know – do you already model environmentally friendly behaviour to your kids? Do you talk about climate change, garbage, and how we need to treat our planet with respect? This song is a great musical tool to use at your disposal, wherever you’re at in your journey.

PS: Whilst you’re here, don’t miss out on listening to her many other beautiful songs. Songs that came from her heart and touches your very core. Like below

Lindsay, thank you so much… Much Love and Appreciation from Us, from Vanuatu South Pacific



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