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Vanuatu Noble Kava - Natural Organic Living

Vanuatu Noble Kava

Vanuatu Noble Kava Sustainable & Relaxing - from the islands of Vanuatu - pure relaxation and chilled drink to relax you and help take away your stress.

Vanuatu Noble Kava was founded in 2021 by Francois Chani and is based in Melbourne Australia.

Francois Chani was born on Pentecost Island, Central Pentecost, Namaram village. He spent his childhood in the island and in his teens attended school in Santo and Capital Port-Vila where he got his French education.

After school Francois moved to Australia with his wife where he set up a business. Francois moved back to Vanuatu in 1994 to expand his business and learn more about what his people needed to thrive. 

He became an active member of the Ni-Van community and in 1999 became a Kava farmer where he employed farmers to plant 2000 kava plants. Also, he learned intimately the process of producing the finest Kava in the world. His family in Pentecost continue to grow kava. 

He has lived between Australia and Vanuatu ever since, ensuring his children have stayed connected to their roots and culture.  

In 1990 Francois started lobbying the Australian Government to lift bans on the sale of Kava in Australia. In 2022 he became a certified importer and reseller of Kava. His passion is to share his culture and the benefits of Kava with Australians while supporting Ni-Van farmers by paying a fair price for their Kava and the Children of Vanuatu through a donation of $5 from every order received.

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