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Pure Nangai Oil Vanuatu Nangai Oil Naturally Organic Pacific

PURE Nangai Oil

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PURE Nangai Oil

Why Buy me 

I’m Naturally Organic Nangai Oil. I’m also known as nagai oil, canarium nut oil. Many are saying that we are Vanuatu’s version of almond nut oil. Buy PURE Nangai Oil Vanuatu. I’m great topical skin oil to treat if you’re suffering from rough & dry scaly skin, I’M POPULAR to soothe, relax & relieve your muscle aches & pains. I’m what you need to create your effective massage oils & massage creams. Why? I can guarantee you will create more valued clients, clients that will keep coming back for more.

How to Use Me

You can apply me directly on your face sparingly or Use me as one of your carrier oils to make your own natural special skin care products or mix me with other tropical oils like Virgin Coconut Oil & Tamanu Oil to use as your EFFECTIVE Bath & Body Massage Oil, Facial cleanser, face moisturiser & make up remover. If you need me in bulk, leave me a message via our contact page.


PURE Nangai Oil

Pure Nangai Oil also known as Nagai Oil, Ngali or Canarium Oil like Tamanu Oil & Virgin coconut oil is one of the best Natural Beneficial Oils that Vanuatu is blessed with. This is what you want to use to create your massage oils & creams. We guarantee, you will create more clients that will keep coming back for more.

Benefits: High Emollient Properties;  Mild Arthritic “Therapeutic Effect”; Muscle Aches & Pain Reliever

How to Use: You can apply directly on your face sparingly or Use as one of your carrier oils to make your own natural skin care products or mix with other tropical oils like Virgin Coconut Oil & Tamanu Oil to use as your Bath & Body Massage Oil.

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Pure Nangai Oil — I’m highly sought to create effective natural skin care lines; to create balms & creams to relax & soothe your mild arthritic pain on your hands & fingers; your mild muscle aches & pains in your body, ie, sore legs, sore thighs, sore feet, sore back, neck & shoulder. I’m your amazing partner if you’re into sports & fitness guru, if you apply me & gently rub your used muscles, I will help you avoid stressing & straining your muscles and will help you wake up the next day with less to zero pain. You can create your own special mix of natural facial & body moisturiser using our nangai oil mixed with your other favourite carrier oil; your own tropical mix of natural make up remover; your own best version of Tropical bath & body massage oils & creams.

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2 reviews for PURE Nangai Oil

  1. Angelique Frances

    The first oil I used direct on my face and I love the result! I will be buying more! Thanks!

  2. Jacqueline Pollock

    Fabulous oil! I use it on my face and neck. Just love, love the result. My skin is moisturised and it has a very nice nutty smell that I adore. Best price I found online. Great customer service. Will be buying again when I run out!

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