Vanuatu Noble Kava 200g – 8 x 25g Bags


Vanuatu Noble Kava Sustainable & Relaxing – grown and harvested from the islands of Vanuatu pure relaxing and chilled drink to relax you and take away your stress.


Vanuatu Noble Kava 200g – 8 x 25g Bags

There’s a reason Pacific Islanders have been enjoying Kava for over 3,000 years.

✔️ A natural state of calm and euphoria

✔️ Enhanced mental cognition similar to coffee without the crash or the jitters

✔️ Relaxes the central nervous system + aids sleep

✔️ Non addictive, all natural & only has 10 calories per serve

✔️ 100% sustainably sourced certified Noble Kava from Vanuatu

✔️ Australian Government approved

Best enjoyed as a tea, our Pure Noble Kava from Vanuatu gives you a state of calm + relaxation that has helped thousands of people feel their happiest.


Submerge Kava Bag in 400 – 500ml cool to warm water.

Knead the bag for 60 seconds.

Soak / steep for 3-5 minutes.

Squeeze the liquid out of the bag.

Drink the Kava quickly. Locally this is called ‘chugging’.
Enjoy the earthy taste and embrace the heavenly feel.

Malogu! (Relax!)


  • Vanuatu Noble Kava is best consumed on an empty stomach.
  • To increase effectiveness use coconut water or add a little coconut oil.
  • The bag may be used to brew a second serve  however the second brew will be weaker.

Sustainable Vanuatu Noble Kava Benefits

Vanuatu Noble Kava Sustainable 500g



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