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Island Reach

Hello August! We are featuring Island Reach this month. We appreciate all the amazing job they’re doing! Read on, get to know and watch so you will also know what we’re talking about. No doubt, you would agree and appreciate all the hard work and efforts they’re putting in.

Island Reach – Job Well Done! Vanuatu is thanking you. We are thanking you.

Re-Published below with permission – Women Vanua’tai Resource Monitors of Vanuatu. Music by Scott Holmes. An Island Reach Production. By 

In Vanuatu, threats posed to biodiversity from population growth and overharvesting, climate change, and extractive economies of scale are compounding. For the people of these South Pacific islands, the loss of biodiversity impacts food security and well-being. Case studies from around the world reveal that empowering women leads to more effective and sustained biodiversity conservation. This video documents the emerging role played by women in natural resource management and environmental decision-making as part of Wan Smolbag’s Vanua’tai Resource Monitors Network.

With principle funding from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund in 2017-18, Island Reach has been collaborating with this indigenous environmental group to increase women’s participation, build their capacity, and facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges. Increasingly, women are sharing stories and lessons learned with each other, becoming more knowledgeable about conservation efforts, encouraging each other in actions, and developing leadership skills that enable them to assist their communities to pursue sustainable conservation goals. Women’s participation in the Vanua’tai network as environmental stewards and agents of change is inspirational. These women serve as a model for women in conservation and communities across the Pacific region and beyond.

Additional funding for this project came from Global Greengrants Fund and GEF Small Grants Program of the UNDP.

We urge you to Get to know more about this amazing organization who is doing amazing work in our Vanuatu archipelago. You can even support them in many ways you can.

Who is Island Reach?

Island Reach Vanuatu

Island Reach is active throughout the archipelago of Vanuatu in the Southwest Pacific. Island Reach partner with local communities and regional groups to build social and environmental resilience from ridge to reef.

The project is a practical and applied response to crises brought upon by climate change and the intensifying loss of biological and cultural diversity around the globe.  We provide professional and hands-on skill sets including assessments, training, transportation, and a well equipped, mobile working platform aboard Research Vessel Llyr, to link people, materials, and ideas between distant communities across expanses of water.

Check out their 2017 Annual Report to learn more.

As of 25th July, Island Reach is heading up to Torba province for several coral gardening workshops.

Anyhow, in case you belong or know of any big eco-conscious companies looking for ways to support eco-conscious organizations, Island Reach could be the organization you or they’re looking for. They are definitely one of the organizations you can support where you see results and is highly impacting lives of the local community. How can you support them? You ask. Get in touch with them directly. Island Reach is more than happy to hear from you. There are many ways you can support their work, contact them, check their website here.

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