Our Mission

Mission & Vision – Natural Organic Living – Shop, Store, Blog & More in Vanuatu.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to start seeing many people out there, living a quality, naturally nurtured and indeed, the happy life that we all deserve. Thus the best gift that we can give to ourselves, to our parents and to the people around us who support & care for us.

Natural Organic Living - Blog, Shop & Store Vanuatu

Our Goals

To successfully live and inspire a healthy natural organic living lifestyle. To have the best in life without damaging one’s health while at the same time taking care of our environment and to be able to support others in need.

Natural Organic Living - Blog, Shop & Store Vanuatu

Our Objectives

Being in and experiencing Vanuatu first hand for almost a decade and having our own honest, caring and Natural / Organic Pharmacist, we hope to provide good, helpful and reliable natural health info to those who need it. For example, those who like to hear beautiful stories about Vanuatu living and to provide a Trusted One Stop Online Shop –  for your favourite natural organic healthy products from Vanuatu, South Pacific.

To Be Able to Inspire

The many people out there to start leading a natural organic living lifestyle through our Blog, and social media shares on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter . Additionally to inspire others to try, use and benefit from what’s in our Boutique Natural Organic Shop Online. We are on a mission, we are committed and dedicated to provide solutions for –

  • The supermoms and super dads out there who are looking to buy natural skin solutions that are proven to work. That will treat theirs and their teenagers lingering, embarrassing and unwanted skin issues such as acne, pimples, eczema, etc;
  • Those who want to take care of their health naturally and taking care of our environment at the same time;
  • The super busy individual, who doesn’t have the time to find and to create their own natural skin products. Organic products that work to prevent and stop their premature skin ageing and skin wrinkling, to keep their precious skin clean, clear, hydrated, smooth and moisturised naturally;
  • Those who want to know about beautiful natural and organic Vanuatu;
  • Those who believe and are looking to support local business owners and organizations that hugely impact local communities in a 3rd world country;
  • Who are looking for a supportive community who are leading a natural organic living lifestyle.

You are here because you are one of many Individuals who are aware of the pressing issues of today’s world. First of all the need for being careful of our footprint on this precious environment. Secondly, that want to stop poisoning ourselves and the planet with the products and services that we consume.

Furthermore, people who see the need for recycling as well as products and services that are built to last. Also those that understand the need for renewable energy and storage. Also, individuals that want to buy natural, organic, sustainable, ethical and ecofriendly products. Finally, those that want to help support local communities worldwide.

Are you one of the above?

Great! So please never hesitate to get in touch with us, call us or e-mail us or take a look and shop at our luxury natural organic shop online. Also never be embarrassed by whatever it is that you need help with because that’s what we’re here for. Moreover, the best way to go about it is to let us know what you need. Finally let us know how we can assist or simply shop for your favourite natural organic Vanuatu products.

Mission - Natural Organic Living - Blog, Shop & Store Vanuatu

  • 1. Safe and Secured Check-Out via PayPal or via Bank Transfer.
  • 2. Hassle-Free – Easy Convenience Online Shopping.
  • 3. 100% Money Back Guaranteed – See Terms and Conditions.
  • 4. PURE Joy and Happiness – Ethical and High Quality Natural Organic Products – Human ad Animal Cruelty Free – Sustainable.
  • 5. Freedom to choose and support your favourite Local Vanuatu Business Owners.
  • 6. Freedom to NOT owe anybody to get your most loved Vanuatu natural organic products from skin care to super food.
  • 7. Beautiful, Clear, Clean, Smooth, Moisturised Healthy Skin and Hair.
  • 8. Great Investment – When you buy natural organic products from our shop, you’re supporting the ethical progress and development of a small local Vanuatu business. Additionally you are contributing to the direct and indirect employment and earning opportunities for many local Vanuatu communities.
  • 9. Excellent Customer Service and Prompt Reply.
  • 10. Worldwide and Tracked Shipping.

Additionally, Find your Favourite natural organic Vanuatu treasures here. Let your Ethical Happiness Shopping Online begin! Moreover, Should you need any assistance with anything, please never hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, Your Frequently Asked Questions are found here. Finally, Our Shipping, Return, Cancellation and Privacy Policy is here

 Our Mission