Meet the Locals, Say Hello

Welcome to Vanuatu, Meet Locals, Say Hello!

Have you been to where we are? We are based in Vanuatu, South Pacific

When we came to Vanuatu, Michelle for work, Scott as Tourist in the beginning, we’ve always wanted to meet the locals, to see and experience The Real Vanuatu. To see what it’s really like. So we did. That’s how we met. If you don’t know our story yet and you’re interested, our story is here.

In our decade of living here, we have summed up some of the best ways to meet and greet the Locals and see the Real Vanuatu. By the way, the Local Vanuatu people are called Ni-Vanuatu.

Below are Some of the best ways to see Vanuatu, Meet Locals, Say Hello to its amazing people including expats

1. Ride a bus

When you’re going to some place, ride a bus sometimes instead of your own vehicle. Why? Because you get to see places and areas you’d never thought you’d see. It will take sometime because when you’re in a bus and you’re not the only passenger, the bus driver will drop every passenger who were there first at their doorstep. You just make sure that you give ample time for this ride so you will not be late.

2.  Stand for awhile and wait for lifts/bus/etc (it could take awhile before you get lifts – esp where we are). Scott and I are living at least 30 to 45 minutes away from Port Vila.


Vanuatu,South Pacific People
meet locals, say hello
Meet Locals, Say Hello
meet locals, say hello, Nivanuatu people,people of vanuatu

3.  Jump in the back of a friend or stranger’s truck (inside or in the tray at the back). If you’re lucky that you get picked up, it’s most likely that there will be locals being picked up as well.

4. Pick up some strangers when they need lifts when you’re in your truck. Meet Locals, Say Hello

5. When you’re having coffee on your casual time, Meet Locals, Say Hello, don’t be shy to start a conversation. Talk to the amazing locals, the wait staff including expats around. This way, you will have huge chances of getting invites.

Meet Locals, Say Hello
Discover Vanuatu

They are some of the most amazing people we’ve met in our entire lives. They still warm our hearts until now. Their beautiful smile, their waves hello. Some are good, some are bad like anywhere else in the world.

We (Us and some of the locals we know) don’t always agree and see eye to eye on many things however, we find that the Key to Living in Peace and Harmony is Respecting each others boundaries, make efforts and commit to it. Be nice. If they can’t be, be the one.

Have the most wonderful and the most amazing time when you’re in the Rock!

Meet locals, Say Hello!

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