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Our Natural Organic Living Story. How Did Natural Organic Living Begin? Who Are They? Scott and Michelle are two of the people behind Natural Organic Living. Scott is from Scotland and Michelle is from the Philippines. They are passionately dedicated to continuously working on making a positive change in their lives & hopefully inspire other people through living naturally & organically.

Scott and Michelle met in Vanuatu, South Pacific back in 2007, over a decade ago.

Why share Natural Organic Living story with you

Because hopefully you will be inspired too. They want you to feel great with natural and organic products which are good for you, eco-friendly and sustainable products that are good for the environment too. They’ve met many people who shared that they appreciate these products in their lives and others who have shared things that are good for them. It’s also our experience – we have found it very rewarding. We also grow over dozens of different fruit,vegetables and herbs organically in our garden and cook all our own food – no processed rubbish!

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 Michelle is a pharmacist by profession; born in Maasin City and spent most of her childhood & high school days in the Municipality of Hilongos, Leyte, Philippines. A University of San Carlos-TC graduate. Michelle has grown to love all things natural & organic since living in Vanuatu. Although, she’s always loved and enjoyed nature. She also enjoys sales, marketing, writing and wedding planning. She finds cooking, baking, swimming & writing an outlet for fun, inspiration and stress reliever. Michelle also thrives to inspire & to encourage. She is now studying to be a naturapath as well as Natural Aged Care.

Scott natural organic living shop story

Get to know Scott’s story. Scott was born in Scotland. Who is a huge positive influence for Michelle & all those he encounters, to be more caring, more considerate, to love and respect nature, organic living and to be more self-reliant and independent.

He has traveled and worked around the world and ended up here in Vanuatu. Where he loves the locals way of life and friendliness. Scott has worked in many roles, English teacher, property renovation, handyman and 11 years in the IT world. However, for the last ten years he has worked in video, photography and music at  – Video Services Vanuatu. An example of his video work is below – taken at Erakor Island Resort. For the last five years has been more and more involved in our online business aimed at encouraging people to live more natural, organic, sustainable and eco-friendly lives!

He aspires to live by example and encourage others to live Natural and organic lives. Helping to restore this beautiful planet and remove our destructive influence forever!


They have grown to love and to care so much about Vanuatu, its people, location, food & all its natural produce after living here for 9 long years (almost a decade now).

 Do share their organic story & where they are because by doing so will hopefully have your family & friends to love them, to support them and all that they do as you kindly have – Thank You!

What’s it like to choose to strive living naturally & organically?

It’s most rewarding! They hardly get sick & if they ever get sick, they easily recover. Check out an article we wrote here about what we do when we’re run down.

Quiet & simple living yes, but quality, family time, best organic food on the table, roof over their heads, bed to sleep, sunshine, fresh air to breathe, beach & much more – all these affordable – priceless luxuries within their reach & yours should you choose too, they enjoy, they hope & pray to be able to continue living this way. After all, they found that these are the things that they need to live? Best of all, they get to continue doing something good for our planet, our environment, the only place we have. They are humbled to be able to do these in Vanuatu. The other great thing is, you can do the same where you are. It’s a decision you need to make.

“You change your thoughts and you change your world”

They are both aspiring to hopefully also encourage people out there to be living naturally & organically – a healthy kind of lifestyle which is also healthy for our environment – as others have done for them. Wouldn’t it be good for us, for our future generation & our environment if we can live well by simply choosing to live naturally & organically?

Just to show an example of their organic living..

Their Garden is full of Banana Trees, Papaya Trees, Lime & Lemon Trees, Coconut Trees, Mangoes and an Avocado tree! You can also find Kumala, Manioc, Sugar Cane, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, passion fruit & some Island Cabbage. Some Tamanu, Noni & Nangai Trees. There’s also Macadamia Trees, coffee, lemon grass, Guabanna (still very young).

Scott and Michelle find our nature so rich & bountiful
It’s our responsibility to take care of it. The sky is our limit if we learn to open our eyes and choose to receive nature’s gifts. It’s a tough journey, a struggle because there are so many temptations & distractions around, but like us you will also learn and we will continue to learn & strive everyday to be living this way.

1. By doing a little sacrifice in the beginning as your taste buds and tastes change.

2. By starting to shop direct from your local market, even better if we can get direct from our farmers for food.

3. Avoid buying unnecessary things; things you don’t need. Always ask this question before paying – Do I need this? or Do I just want this? Can I live without this?

4. If you can start creating your own skin care & household products using natural ingredients, all the better. (Research please, you will find so many natural ingredients available wherever you are – you will normally find these at your local farmers, direct supplier or local market i.e. here in Vanuatu – you can easily source good quality coconut oil, tamanu oil, sandalwood oil, nangai oil, cacao butter, honey, etc) Check out our Shop, where you’ll find some of these.

5. By choosing to eat, drink & produce / buy what’s readily available in nature.

6. Choose products for your household and for your skin & body that doesn’t contain man made ingredients where most are known to cause some health risk to us; not processed in big manufacturing plants; not mass produced.

7. Always read Ingredients; don’t just accept when it says Natural & Organic on your label, read what’s in your products. You’ll be surprised how many aren’t.

8. Get yourself acquainted with the smell of natural products with natural ingredients.. some have strong, pungent natural odour. You can easily hide by adding a drop of your favourite Pure essential oil scent. Don’t be put off easily.

9. Visit and like us on FACEBOOK to stay updated, for more inspirations and motivations from others who are also into all things natural.

10. Do research PLEASE on how using & buying products that do not contain human made toxins can help you and your family to live well, then apply and experiment if benefits outweighs the risk and observe the positive changes – We promise you, if you give it some time and chance to make a difference, not only that you will feel healthier, less aggressive, lighter, stronger immune system, you will also learn to appreciate & be grateful that you have PLUS you always FEEL better because you’re helping make our world / environment a better place, cleaner & greener. Good Warning: You can never go back to what you used to eat, apply on your skin and body and what you’re used to clean your homes before you chose to try and live naturally.

11. Always keep your home & environment clean at all times!

12. Recycle what you can & buy items that you can recycle later as well as products that are built to last – disposable is an environmental disaster!

13. Make time, spend time & invest in yourself – Give yourself a chance – You’ll like it, you’ll be humbled by it and you’ll have our environment & future generations to thank you for it!

14. Surround yourself, if you can, with people who have the same beliefs as you; there’s some truth behind the saying ‘you are who you surround yourself with’. They help you become the best version of yourself & they will help you stand with what you believe in.

After reading our story you can also read our inspiring blogs and or like our Facebook page for some interesting and beautiful Vanuatu stories, for some important lessons learned in living naturally & organically, some natural health & beauty tips, some cooking recipes, stories about our Vanuatu people and our products Local suppliers; our Partners and much more.

We’re FAR from getting where we want to be, however we’re doing the best we can in our own home by using and eating mostly what’s naturally available in Vanuatu and we hope that you would too one day if you hadn’t started yet. It’s a tough journey but its most rewarding & well worth the effort.

Our dogs - the natural organic living shop story
Our dogs – the natural organic living shop story

Why Shop & Trade with Us?

When you shop with us you are getting the best value for your valued money. Your trading with us also means that you’re supporting all of us achieve our goals – to be able to continue what we love doing, to continue doing our eco & ethical business. To support our organic Local Vanuatu suppliers, our Locals earning capabilities and our Vanuatu economy.

Rest assured that for every affordable luxury product you purchased – you are making a huge impact on lives of every Ni-Vanuatu involved in creating your fabulous purchase. You are helping them put food on their table, roofs over their heads and send their kids “pikininis” to school.

What are our other Missions, Goals and Objectives?

We hope to promote locally made products, produced and sourced in Vanuatu for now to the world. You will find some of these in our Boutique Online ShopSHIPPING WORLDWIDE.  We thought that you’d also appreciate and would have wanted to have access to some of the best produce that our nature can produce in this part of the world as we did when someone introduced these to us. We are grateful and always appreciated those who have introduced us to natural products and other shops online that has natural products available.

  • 1. We hope to continue supporting our local entrepreneurs by sharing their products on our site & to everyone we meet.
  • 2. To share with you how talented and how amazing & beautiful Vanuatu is.
  • 3. To share how healthy & beneficial Local Ni-Vanuatu natural products are too.

Through our story we also hope to encourage you to use natural products whenever you can in your home wherever you are, natural products for personal & household use wherever you are – to adapt a natural organic living lifestyle. We aim to encourage even just a single person; more people even better, to love our planet too through actions & voices. We would also like to invite you to come & visit Vanuatu one day when you have the time and have extra cash to spend.

What are your plans to be successful?

Scott always had the idea of having our voices heard through creating a website. That was almost 9 years ago now. Michelle was working then in an Online Pharmacy then had embarked on new adventures that eventually lead us to here. Scott continued on with his Video Services Vanuatu & Rental Property management business. Although, we had a working site several years ago, however a certain competitor destroyed our first chance to start. However, thanks to this, years after that incident have given us more experience which helped us to be better prepared for our new website.

Scott who used to be an IT engineer and Business Graduate, always thought that having a website to share thoughts, ideas & experiences is a great tool to reach out & be heard where we can also sell natural products from Vanuatu that will help with our Vanuatu living expenses. He thought that because Michelle had experience with Online business, that Michelle could start it. However, like many things in life, Michelle wasn’t very keen, got distracted and wasn’t confident enough to start it until now.

After 5 years of distractions, more beautiful life experiences living in Vanuatu earned (there are huge prices to pay, one of these is to be away from each of our own families, in our respective also beautiful countries), some more knowledge about online business and gained self-confidence. Michelle for some reason –  like a small miracle, woke up one day and continued building our boutique Natural Online Shop & Blog that inspire & now it’s ready. Scot’s Tourist business was also quiet so he was available too. Thus We bought & started working on our new website back in 2015 after the first destroyed attempt.

It’s a huge step for us to start our new endeavour. We’re very proud and also humbled with this achievement. It has not been easy. We have put a lot of joint effort to have our site ready for you, many hardships, heartaches, many sleepless nights, money lost, tears, too many to mention but ALL WORTH the effort, precious time & expense.

The second step will even be harder, TO REACH THOSE WHO COULD USE WHAT WE SHARE & THOSE WHO NEED & WANT WHAT’S AVAILABLE IN OUR NATURAL SHOP ONLINE. Because we know how hard it is to gain an audience, to gain someone’s trust to invest in our carefully selected natural organic health & beauty products of Vanuatu. However, we’re hoping now that you know a little about us, you know that you can trust us. Moving on to this Second step, is already a GREAT achievement, so we thought somehow, this is success.

What we now need to be truly successful is your help.

We have our natural shop & blog site, what we need now is to reach those who need to know about us & what we passionately sell & promote. What is your VITAL Role? We NEED help to reach those who can benefit what we’re sharing. To reach those who need & want our natural products for their personal, business & home use. So that they know & will buy our natural Vanuatu productsHow can you do that? It’s very simple –

1. You can start by Liking & Sharing our Facebook Page & website with your family & friends.

2. Share with us your successful marketing tool that made sales daily; so we can reach the audience that we need to help us meet our much needed sale. Marie Forleo & her amazing Team & Derek from social triggers  are currently helping us start however if you do know of others, please share with us. We need all the help we can get. No Marketing Gimmicks nor Tricks – We want Honest Marketing Tools that would serve our valued customers well.

3. Tell about & Share our website to your family & friends overseas who you know can greatly benefit what we have.. you can share via e-mail, word of mouth or any social networks you’re connected.

Yes, it’s that simple. Thank you so much in advance! It is truly, much appreciated!

If there’s anyone out there that we inspired, that’s a huge achievement! We are very passionate sharing how living naturally & organically can help cure our unwell planet & environment and therefore heal ourselves. Hopeful to be leaving it in good condition for the next generations to come.

We have learned so much over the past years. 

If there’s anyway we can exchange our organic services to continue doing what we are so passionate doing, we’ll take it. Heal our Ourselves, Heal our Planet & Vice Versa. There’s not much money in what we love doing because most people are distracted and would prefer what’s common. However, hopefully with your help we’ll manage with God’s guidance and a little help from our family and friends.

We can no longer deny the proof & evidence that we all need help and that we all need each other to help our sick unbalanced planet, our only place to live & enjoy our given Life. Climate change is one of the most tangible proofs. All of us are caretakers of our planet. We have this responsibility. Our planet is calling us to wake up & to heal her. We believe in people power & in the power of working and standing together.

“A small act of kindness can make a huge difference”

“Heal our Planet, Heal Ourselves & Vice Versa”

Where is Vanuatu, South Pacific again?

Vanuatu is home to many of us. Our home away from home. Know where we are to know more about our story, why you would like to try our natural Vanuatu produce and to visit us one day.

Our Boutique Shop Online is Now LIVE! 🙂 You can start having the best our nature has to offer in this part of the world.

Thank you all again for Getting to know us & for getting to know our organic Vanuatu. Thank you also for sharing our story and trading with us.

Having read our organic story – Are you ready to try our natural organic products from this side of the world? We hope so! Head on to our Natural shop, know what’s it all about & what you can buy. We can help you choose the right product for you. However, if you know already what you want, simply add the product to your basket and pay via PayPal. We are also using 256bit encryption to ensure safe shopping for you!

Do you have any questions about our story or anything else? Please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page to see some questions with answers. Should you have any other related questions, please NEVER hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via our Contact us Page

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Our Story –  Natural Organic Living Blog Shop Store Story