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Where is Vanuatu - This Tropical Organic Paradise is in the South Pacific

Some Call it Paradise, We Call it Home

Where is Vanuatu? We heard so much about your beautiful country, where many call it Paradise We want to visit but we don’t know where Vanuatu is located and how to get there. Where to begin with this question – Where is Vanuatu? Almost a decade of living in Vanuatu and had been asked one of these questions many times over, “Where is Vanuatu?”, Where are you located? Which country is it close to? How do we get there? Yet, we are still stunned whenever we get asked however the difference now is…. we know exactly where Vanuatu is and it’s our absolute pleasure to show you where Vanuatu is.

Vanuatu is one of the most beautiful countries of the South Pacific nearby Fiji, PNG, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia. Do you know where Australia is? If you do, picture this, we are only 3.5 hours flight from Sydney, 2.5 hours from Brisbane, Australia. Vanuatu is in the North East of New Caledonia and North West of Fiji.

How to get here? There is no direct flight to here except if you’re from Australia or Fiji or New Zealand or New Caledonia.

Vanuatu National Airline Carrier Our national airline carrier is called Air Vanuatu. If you visit their site, you will find helpful Vanuatu airline information and great accommodation deals.

If you continue reading this article to the end, you will know why many calls Vanuatu home and why sometime ago, it’s ranked one of the happiest people in the planet.

Vanuatu People and Population – Vanuatu people are called Ni-Vanuatu and its current population is about 274,492.

Our Vanuatu Currency – Vanuatu Currency is called Vatu

The Vanuatu Archipelago – Vanuatu is composed of 83 Beautiful Islands scattered all over the country

You will also find very helpful information via websites/Social Network below

Vanuatu Economy Vanuatu’s most important source of income is in Tourism Industry. Vanuatu is almost 99% percent dependent on tourists coming in, staying in hotels and resorts, booking tours, dine and wine and indeed for buying Vanuatu souvenirs. The very reason why cyclone pam’s devastated visit in 2015 caused for most Vanuatu businesses / Vanuatu economy to struggle.

Tourists comes in by air via Air Vanuatu, Air Calin, Air Fiji, Virgin Blue – depending on where you came from or by sea via P and O Cruises.

Vanuatu Religion Vanuatu is a Christian country.

Is it Expensive to Live in Vanuatu Yes and No. If you learn to live naturally and organically and live within or below your means, living in Vanuatu would be inexpensive, easier and healthier. The choice is yours.

Is it safe in Vanuatu Like many countries in the world, dangers are everywhere. It is always sad to hear of any unfortunate events. You will hear different opinions from different people. However, for us, we find Vanuatu quite safe as we haven’t had any bad experiences.

Why would you want to Visit, Discover, Work and Live in Vanuatu? If you’ve been meaning to disconnect to reconnect with yourself again, to disconnect with the virtual world, to create lasting memory with your family and friends, to reconnect with nature, our Vanuatu might just be the place you need to discover right now.

We learn to love and to care for Vanuatu so much. Why? Vanuatu is very rich in culture, history & traditions. We appreciate the generosity and authenticity of their smile, hospitality and its people. In Vanuatu, we are home.

We also learn to love Vanuatu most especially because of the richness and abundance of natural and organic produce, which you can find some of these in our natural organic shop online; away from the trappings of the world; our much needed healthy way of life. This is the kind of life we wish for you to have and experience where you are.

Below are some photos of Some Fresh vegies and fruits that you’ll find at our Main Local Market House located at the centre of Port Vila CBD, other Fruits and Vegie stalls in Vanuatu. You will meet loads of beautiful Mamas and adorable pikininis!! – meaning kids / children.

We are very happy that despite the devastating visit of Cyclone pam back in March 13, 2015, Vanuatu is close to recovering completely. In terms of fruits, vegetables and livestock.


Things to do in Vanuatu Do you love untouched beaches, live volcanoes, picturesque views, nature, waterfalls, horseback riding, zip lining, outside cinemas, off road adventures, wine and dine, coffee, fresh natural organic vegies and fruits, stunning sunrise & sunsets, the best natural tropical oils for your natural skin care, island hopping, chocolate, tanna coffee & coconut oil factory visits, fishing, sailing, golf, tennis, football, rugby, beach volleyball, underwater sports, cafes? Vanuatu have these much to offer. Visit us one day! Perhaps you’re getting Married? Why not Escape and Elope and Discover Vanuatu? Vanuatu is simply the way of life for many Vanuatu residents – locals and expats alike. We learn to call Vanuatu our Home Away from Home.

Life is easy Naturally

Growth in Vanuatu We have grown so much in Vanuatu, spiritually, mentally and physically. We are rich in life changing experiences, love, culture and lots of sunshine and fresh air. No, Life has not always been easy living in Vanuatu but that’s the beauty of living, its part of being alive. We know for sure that wherever Life may take us next – We will always be humbled to say that We are grateful and very privileged to be able to call Vanuatu home once upon a time.

Vanuatu Business When you have lived in Vanuatu this long, we believe that you will also start a business that will showcase Vanuatu. There is so much to see, do and offer. You’d also want to shout out and let the world know of its beautiful existence.

Our Vanuatu Dream That Vanuatu will keep its authenticity, their richness in culture, history and traditions; keep and treasure their way of Life. May they never be infected with the deadly virus that’s troubling our world – where most of us are trapped in – materialistic, greed, politics. Our personal dream? That we can continue calling Vanuatu our home away from Home because Vanuatu showed us how to become the best version of ourselves.

Where is Vanuatu again? Recently, thankfully to Expedia and to our more digitized modern world, it has become easier for us to answer the question where Vanuatu is…

We now simply share this Video Link. This almost sums it all up.

We hope to see you here in Vanuatu! Isn’t Vanuatu just an amazing place to Visit, Live and Work? It certainly deserves to be on your Bucket List of Places to Visit! You, your family and friends also deserve to Enjoy the beauty and splendour of our Vanuatu. If you can’t come just now, you can still Feel, Experience and Taste Vanuatu through having some of its natural and organic products. You will find some of these in our Luxury and Boutique Natural Shop Online.

Where is Vanuatu? Find you Vanuatu brands here!
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