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Natural Organic Coffee

Natural Organic Coffee first thing in the morning & throughout the day…. Yes to that!

Are you a coffee drinker? What type of coffee do you drink? How do you take it? Is it instant? or Do you prefer Brewed Regular coffee? Cappuccino? Frapuccino? Iced coffee? Feel free to share with our community.

If you keep on reading to the end, you will learn the best natural & organic sustainable coffee that’s being served in this part of the world & how to get it. You will know your benefits of drinking coffee, how to take complete advantage of its health benefits & why over drinking coffee rips off the benefit it offers. You will also learn why switching from drinking instant coffee to brewed regular coffee is a good choice to help improve your well-being. You will learn if there’s such thing as good coffee & bad coffee. You be the judge it in the end.

Allow us to introduce to you our Great Tasting “Gourmet” coffee in this part of the world.

What’s the Best Coffee served in Vanuatu? Tanna coffee is the No. 1 real coffee in Vanuatu, South Pacific. Tanna coffee is natural & organic; that’s being grown & produced in an eco- friendly & sustainable way in Tanna province, Vanuatu.


Organic Tanna coffee is being served all over the country; you will hardly miss it if you’re a coffee drinker. It is being served in almost all hotels & resorts & cafes around Vanuatu. To name a few — Chantilly’s on the Bay, Nambawan Café, War Horse Salon, Hide Away Islands, Bukura Beach House, Waves on Bukura, Au Peche Mignon, Warwick Le Lagon, Tamanu on the Beach & too many more to mention.. You will also find this in almost if not all Vanuatu souvenir shops around Vila including grocery shops.

Tanna Coffee is if not mistaken is also the preferred coffee in almost all of Vanuatu households who likes natural & organic coffee, expats & locals alike including our home.

How did we learn about Tanna Coffee?

When you’re in Vanuatu, you won’t miss it if you like going to cafe’s to catch up with a friend or you’re having a business meeting. Also if you’re on social media such as Facebook, Facebook normally suggests pages about local businesses & products on the right side of the page when you’re logged in & at one time, Tanna coffee business page was recommended. That was how we knew its history and now we’re sharing it with you here.

Below is the brief history of how Tanna Coffee is grown & produced.

  • The Tanna Coffee Development Company (TCDC) was first established in 1982, to assist in the development of the newly independent South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. Tanna Island was selected for a Coffee Development Program, due to it’s history of Arabica Coffee production dating back to 1852. A large-scale plantation in conjunction with a ‘Smallholder Farmer’ program was established, and it was in operation until the early 1990’s. A combination of severe climatic conditions and coffee leaf rust disease caused its demise.
  • Terry Adlington (a coffee farmer from Australia) took over the company in 1998, and lived and worked with the farmers on Tanna Island for 3 years to educate them on the process of coffee growing, harvesting and processing their valuable product. Once established and producing quality coffee, TCDC moved to Port Vila to establish a Coffee Roastery and went about securing local and International customers.

Where is Tanna Coffee Plantation located?

  • The ‘Tanna Coffee’ plantation is located in beautiful Vanuatu at 400m above sea level. With an average annual rainfall of 2500mm, it is perfectly suited for growing ‘Semi-Dwarf Catimor varieties of Arabica. These are hybrids developed from some of the worlds finest coffee stock. The deep rich volcanic soils of Tanna Island are both highly fertile and free draining and provide a pest-free environment which ensures that Tanna Island is ideal for growing the purest organic coffee in a sustainable, non-harmful manner.

Meet 2 of their Amazing Team Tanna Coffee Members

Did we always drink Tanna Coffee when we first moved to Vanuatu? No, not at all. We used to be instant coffee drinker at home.

What made us switch from Instant Coffee drinker to Brewed Coffee from Tanna? When you live in some place for awhile like us here in Vanuatu, you will also learn to love what Vanuatu has to offer such as its natural & organic produce especially that we’re on to all things natural & organic. Sure, we were a bit speculative in the beginning to use it at home. It’s a normal reaction when one is introduced to something new especially when it says natural & organic. We totally understand if you’re feeling the same way. We only tasted tanna coffee from Nambawan & Chantilly’s on the Bay in the beginning and that was it.

Back to the question – what made us switch? We thought & asked ourselves – should we try it & use this at home instead? So we thought, why not? Let’s read about it and then try. What’s the worst thing that could happen if we didn’t like the effect & effort to make it? Waste money & time. In the end, just as Nike’s slogan say – Just Do It, so we did & never have we touched any instant coffee ever again wherever we go, when REAL COFFEE – natural & organic coffee is available. Our humble home have been enjoying freshly brewed natural & organic coffee from Tanna Coffee every day 3 to 4 x a day.

How long does a pack of 500g last? There’s only the two of us and we drink it at least 3 to 4 x a day, this pack normally lasts us about 1.5 to 2 months. We only use a teaspoonful each brewing. We choose between the 3 – Medium roast, Dark Roast & Espresso. We prefer using Ground Espresso Tanna Coffee pack 500g. If you want to try Tanna Coffee, you can get it from our boutique shop here.

How do we take it? After brewing our ground coffee we pour it to our individual cup, we should say mug, add a mix of sugar & honey, coconut milk & a bit of cow’s milk.

What benefit did we get from drinking it? Aside from supporting local business, Michelle used to have unexplained headaches then & since the switch, maybe after a week or two, headaches gone & bowel movement has been regular.

Known Health Benefits of Coffee Drinking We don’t need to write all the benefits here because you can readily search about the hundreds of benefits of coffee, on google search engines, but we will share a few which is known to almost everyone who drinks coffee.. We also did some further research & reading & found some of these benefits at Authority Nutrition that Coffee contains this active ingredient called caffeine that is known to be a powerful substance that can improve physical & mental performance. It is also listed here that those who drinks coffee lives longer than those who doesn’t based on scientific research. Natural & Organic Coffee is also a very good source of anti-oxidants and many beneficial nutrients that can improve our health. Read more here.

How much coffee should you drink It is recommended that we should only drink 3 up to 4 small cups of coffee per day to benefit from it. Over dosage can lead to unwanted side-effects – on sleep & cognitive behaviour.

Can you still drink coffee even if you’re diabetic? Know more at

Do you like drinking coffee in many ways? We like iced coffee sometimes, we also like ice cream coffee. We normally go to All Recipes to find other coffee recipes we can try at home.

Why some people find drinking coffee is not weight friendly? We’re not very sure but we have a theory. Here goes.. We thought that how your prepare & drink your coffee matters. Are you drinking it with loads of cream & sugar, many times a day, many times a week? Are you also drinking other sugary beverage during the day? How about your food intake? We recommend to take some time to take a look at your dietary drinks & food and make necessary changes if you must.

In the end, we always keep our coffee simple at home. Brewed ground Tanna coffee + Coconut Milk + a tsp. of Honey + a teaspoonful of Sugar. Reasonably healthy brewed mug of coffee. Happy! 🙂 Try & Buy your Tanna Coffee here. Travel to Vanuatu & Enjoy with our great tasting natural & organic coffee if you’re overseas.

So, Are you a natural & organic coffee drinker? Or did you just switch from Instant drinker to brewed? Are you switching now? Do you like to travel to a new place without physically travelling and not pay airfare? Great news! You can by having our great tasting coffee here.

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