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It has always been our desire to share our Amazing Vanuatu to the world. We find that the best chance to do it is to have a Blog & Natural Organic Health and Beauty Shop Online. Now, 4, 5 years after our first attempt destroyed, we’re nearly ready to launch although you can start shopping for products that you can already find.

Rest assured that for every luxurious product that you purchase – you are making a huge impact on lives of every Ni-Vanuatu involved in creating your fabulous purchase. Additionally, you are helping them to always have food on their table, roofs over their heads and send their kids “pikininis” to school.

How is our Organic Shop going to earn? We are working together with our products of Vanuatu business owners and suppliers. We are working together to put our beautiful Vanuatu natural organic luxury products out there through our one stop convenience boutique shop online.

They are supporting us by giving us their wholesale price. We price some of their products using our own price and some at their suggested retail price. We’re hoping that this is enough to hopefully meet all our operating costs and to help us with our Vanuatu living expenses. We’re also hoping that we would be able to set aside a little bit so we can share to Non-profit organizations that we support – paying it forward, immediate family & friends in need and importantly, to be able to visit our families overseas.

What to expect in our One Stop Boutique Natural Organic Shop? It’s like walking in a Walk-In Shop; the difference? You’re doing the browsing & shopping in the comfort of your own home. Like you will find assistants in walk-in shops, we have Live Chat available should you need any help with anything; and if we’re not online, you can easily leave us a message. If you also go to our Frequently Asked Questions page, you will find some questions that you may have with answers.

What’s in our natural organic shop online that you & your family could use & benefit daily?

Firstly, we have Delicious, Effective and Fabulous Organic Products. Secondly, we have Organic Products that can make you look younger and can make you look and feel healthier. Thirdly, we have proven and cost-effective solutions for your skin and hair problems. Fourthly, we have delicious and yummy organic food and beverage, like coffee and chocolate. Fifthly, we also have organic herbs and spices for your healthy snacks and drinks. Finally, we have the best Organic Health and Beauty products from Vanuatu in our shop and they are all for you!

In addition, be rest assured that our Fabulous and Luxury Organic products are well known to be Safe for you and our environment. Most of all, they are also Proven to be Beneficial and Cost-Effective, Healthy, Organic, Ethical, Sustainable and Genuine Products of Vanuatu. So go on and spoil yourself with our shop’s luxury and organic treats!

You will find all the best of natural organic health and beauty products of Vanuatu in our one stop convenience store.

Our Valued Clients

A. Supermoms, Super dads, skin health & environment conscious individuals who have been searching for proven solutions to END, TREAT & Fully GET RID of

  • 1. Unwanted skin issues such as pimples & bacteria-caused acne naturally;
  • 2. To naturally CLEAN, CLEAR & to SMOOTH dull, rough & dry skin;
  • 3. To naturally FADE away some fine lines; naturally moisturise & naturally hydrate wrinkly areas
  • 4. To naturally PROVIDE relief from eczema, psoriasis;
  • 5. To naturally HEAL fresh scars;
  • 6. To naturally TREAT & SOOTHE muscle aches & body pains without digging a hole in your or their pockets..

B. Ethical Products, Beverage & Superfood Lovers

C. Who are kind and are generous individuals who strongly believes in “trade not aid” concept to financially support a thriving ethical local business owners from 3rd world countries such as Vanuatu, South Pacific.

Rest assured that for every luxurious product that you purchase – you are making a huge impact on lives of every Ni-Vanuatu involved in creating your fabulous purchase. Additionally, you are helping them to always have food on their table, roofs over their heads and send their kids “pikininis” to school.

Are you one of the above or do you know someone we described? Please let them know about us – SHARE. BUY. WRAP. SHIP WITH LOVE

Great Value & Great Investment – Take home 100% PURE Vanuatu Natural organic products – Free from any known harmful chemicals – Proven & Tested by thousands of users to be healthy and beneficial.

All creators & owners of each products have hugely impacted our local community and helped boost our Vanuatu economy.

Now, wherever you are, you can test, taste, prove how good these are & enjoy these in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re going to use our products personally or you’re giving away as Gifts – there’s no doubt, you’d feel absolutely special & feel very cared for when you receive our ethical natural organic products. Imagine receiving something naturally good, naturally organic & healthy from Vanuatu, South Pacific – Priceless, Beautiful Moments!

Still in doubt? In regards to your skin concerns, we have our In-House Pharmacist committed & dedicated to guide you and walk you through how to use each of our natural skin products that you’re interested to try until you get the results you want and need.

There’s more.. Not only that each of our chosen Vanuatu natural organic product are lovingly & wonderfully made in a most pristine location and in a sustainable manner; each formulas are paraben, sulfate, unnatural ingredient and cruelty free. Ingredients that you can easily read and naturally find in our Vanuatu nature.

Our question is – How can we help you choose which of our natural organic Vanuatu products to try & which local suppliers you’ll support? We categorized our natural products according to their uses, some according to well known Vanuatu natural skin care brands. We have also shared some info about each amazing local suppliers & business owners – so it’s easy for you to decide & shop. If these didn’t help you decide, we are usually online so you can chat with us and you can tell us what you need & how we can help. If we’re not online, you can leave us feedback and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Start shopping, Enjoy & Immerse in our Vanuatu Tropics! Feel our tropics while shopping. Hear the swaying of our coconut palms, the whistling sound of our trees, the sound of the waves, the chirping of our tropical birds. Imagine the fresh cool sea breeze on your face.. Smell our beautiful tropical flowers, Swim free in our pristine, clean clear waters & feel the sand of our untouched beaches on your bare feet.. Hear our locals dance & sing.. Imagine the rumbling sound of our live volcanoes.. Hear our Locals ancestors singing & dancing while you shop.

What’s Our Shop’s Objectives & Goals? Our aim is to provide our Most Valued Guests, Clients, Audiences & Supporters of Natural Organic Lifestyle – proven natural skin solutions that they have all been looking for. to provide a Variety of Wonderful Selection of Inexpensive Vanuatu Luxuries & Specialty Natural Produce. We also aim to inspire many people all over the world to live a natural, organic and thus healthy lifestyle. It will be your choice which products & product owners you wish to continue supporting. Everything in our Boutique One Stop Online Shop are Natural to Vanuatu & all are so good & beneficial.

Why only start now? It has always been our passion to promote anything natural & organic, natural organic living lifestyle & Vanuatu. However, someone in the past has stopped us from doing so by destroying the first chance we had. We were also distracted with so many things. Finally – we are given the opportunity once again & we tell you, it took a great deal of pain to finally set this all up again. Now, we are truly humbled by this chance and at the same time are very excited about it. Thank God for all His Graces.

Discover & Explore our Natural Products from Vanuatu in our boutique shop here. PS: More products are being loaded to our Natural Organic Product Shop as we speak.

Rest assured that for every luxurious product that you purchase – you are making a huge impact on lives of every Ni-Vanuatu involved in creating your fabulous purchase. Additionally, you will be helping them to have food on their table, roofs over their heads and send their kids “pikininis” to school.

Our Products are categorized based on what they are and what they do so it’s easier for you to navigate. Have a peak below.

treat acne naturally

natural product organic product

natural product organic

natural product organic

What else are we hoping to achieve with our Shop? When you have lived in Vanuatu for so long, we know that you would also be inspired to share what Vanuatu has to offer – like what we’re doing now. Vanuatu is so beautiful & is a paradise if you choose to see it this way. We’re hoping that more people will discover Vanuatu and have their products known to those who could use of what it naturally produce. We’re hoping that we could also earn a living with what we love & enjoy doing – Natural Organic Living & to Market & to Promote what’s naturally good & organic which you can now find some of these in our Boutique Online Shop. We’re also hoping that if ever we leave Vanuatu for any reason, we can continue supporting our Vanuatu economy & our locals that we’ve truly learned to love & appreciate. PS: More products are being loaded to our Boutique Online Shop.

Should you have any questions, please NEVER hesitate to contact us

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