To Live Naturally & Organically

To Live Naturally & Organically.

Let’s admit it, whenever we hear “to live naturally & organically, we often times associate it with food”. Right? But guess what? It’s not just about food! Surprised? We couldn’t blame you because it’s the same thought that crossed our minds & many others who first acquainted the words “natural & organic living lifestyle”. Then you’d say.. That’s right. How is that? Why is that?

If you let us, we can enlighten you, it’s our absolute pleasure & we’re very happy to share what we know & learned over the years of living this way & what benefit this lifestyle brought us. Indulge us!

Let’s start by putting it simply where Wiki How’s quote below have put the words right into our mouths.. we just added ‘natural’

“To Live Naturally & Organically means doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle while also doing your part to take care of the environment”

and this is exactly what we all are about. Natural & Organic Living, a Lifestyle. It’s not just about food nor skin care.

What do you mean by natural? Natural means nothing is done to change its nature – it is of natural origin – not processed.

Can anyone out there better explain what natural means? Please kindly share & comment at the end of this article.

What do you mean by organic? When it comes to food, it means that your vegies, fruits & livestock are NOT being treated with any unnatural chemicals/pesticides to keep insects away & to boost animal growth using unnatural chemicals.

Can anyone out there better explain what it is to Live Naturally & Organically? Please kindly share & comment at the end of this article.

Where can you start?  If you have read about our story, you will find some of the tips we shared on how to get started.. You haven’t? That’s okay, You can just go back there later. We’ve added some of the helpful tips below that we shared there where we thought can help you start should you wish to try to adapt this natural & organic lifestyle

  • 1. By doing a little sacrifice in the beginning as your taste buds and tastes changes.
  • 2. By start shopping direct at your local market even better if we can get direct from our farmers
  • 3. Avoid buying unnecessary things; things you don’t need. Always ask this question before paying – Do I need this? or Do I just want this? Can I live without this?
  • 4. If you can start creating your own skin care & household products using natural ingredients, the better. (Research please, you will find so many natural ingredients available wherever you are – you will normally find these at your local farmers, direct supplier or local market ie here in Vanuatu – you can easily source good quality coconut oil, tamanu oil, sandalwood oil, nangai oil, cacao butter, honey, etc) Check our Shop, you’ll find some of these
  • 5. By choosing to eat, drink & buy what’s readily available in nature

  • 6. Recycle what you can & buy items that you can recycle later
  • 7. Make time, spend time & invest in yourself – Take care of your body – It’s sacred, it’s special & it is a temple – You’ll like it, you’ll be humbled by it and you’ll have our environment & future generations to thank you for it

  • 8. Surround yourself if you can with people who have the same beliefs as you; there’s some truth behind the saying ‘you are who you surround yourself with’. They help you become the best version of yourself or the worst & they will help you stand with what you believe in or mock / stab you on the back

What are the benefits leading this Lifestyle? What good will it bring me? We illustrated some of the things below that we are doing & what benefits it brought us. When you also start living this way, if not yet, we promise you, we guarantee you it is very rewarding.


  • 1. It normally tastes better & it’s more nutritious
  • 2. It nourishes our body 50% more than the food that’s been intensively farmed
  • 3. It contains 50% more nutrients, minerals & vitamins
  • 4. It increases our bodies to fight off bacteria & increases our immune system – We can back it up by hardly getting sick and easily recovers when our bodies are rundown.

Buying Locally

  • 1. Supports our Local businesses – but before purchasing, it is necessary to ask where the produce came from & how it’s being farmed. Egg is an example and our chicken.
  • 2. Helps reduces green house gasses by removing the necessity to transport food from overseas
  • 3. Increases our chances of seeing more fruits & vegetables in season that we haven’t tried & heard of before – once again, always ask where it’s from & how it’s being grown
  • 4. No, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy something from overseas that you know of are natural & organic such as what you can find & buy from our Shop 

Use of Natural skin care & household products

  • 1. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs almost everything that we put on our body – Now, you don’t really want your skin to be absorbing unwanted ingredients that can possibly pose health risk to us, do you? especially when natural & organic products are readily available nowadays. There has been a lot of research & studies that there are some chemicals found in mass produced skin care & household products that poses health risk to us.
  • 2. Here in Vanuatu, we are also blessed with loads of natural & organic ingredients that help us create our skin care & household products or we can simply buy these directly from our local suppliers. You can Find & you can buy some of these in our Shop

Learn how to Cook & Prepare own Meals

  • 1. Limit yourselves from eating out even though you’re planning to eat at “natural & organic” restaurant. Why? Because you don’t really know where their ingredients came from.
  • 2. No, it doesn’t mean that you don’t go eat out anymore
  • 3. Also here in Vanuatu, you will be mostly served with fresh natural & organic produce such as beef, vegetables & fruits, although we’re not so sure with the seasoning used. You can also make a special request to avoid using such and such & our Vanuatu people, expats & locals alike are usually accommodating if what you’re requesting is available.

Growing your own food & Gardening

  • 1. It reduces the amount of waste produced
  • 2. We found Sarah Wilson’s Bits very helpful about Plastics that we can quit right now.  Go check it out.
  • 3. We find gardening very relaxing & very rewarding – You will see the results immediately & we get to spend more time with each other & our fur-babies – enjoying doing things together
  • 4. It helps us stay reasonably fit & healthy & at the same time doing our bit to take care of our environment

Savings & More time with Family

  • 1. You hardly get sick thus health savings are intact plus you recover easily when you get sick
  • 2. More savings because you no longer buy unnecessary things – you have more emergency funds in cases like you lost your job, surprised travels, etc
  • 3. More time with Family – ie when you’re gardening & preparing meals together & you don’t have to work so hard away from home because you have food growing already

Other Helpful Sources to help Live Naturally & Organically – We don’t want to bombard you with so many links because when you research on google search engines, you can find them. However, there is a site that we can recommend where you can read & find some MORE very helpful information about Natural Organic Living Lifestyle at Wiki How. We find it very informative, very easy to grasps & to follow. There might be some things there that might overwhelm you, don’t worry because in time, you will also learn to understand & adapt like we did & those who are already leading this lifestyle. PS: Please don’t just accept what you read & learn. Make sure that it resonates with you, your values & what you’re reading is making any sense.

If there is something that you need help with, please never hesitate to contact us if you feel that there’s something we can assist you with. Please know that we’re more than happy to share what we learned.

Make no mistake but we continue to strive to learn new things everyday by reading, subscribing to newsletters & connecting with those who are leading this lifestyle. Why? Because there are so many new things to learn & discover everyday. Studies have shown that through connecting with each other, commenting on someone else’s articles, signing up newsletters, helps get & learn new things. NEVER STOP LEARNING. So, please feel free to connect, to comment & to share your tips, your thoughts, ideas & experiences living naturally & organically at the end of this article. Let’s continue to help each other to stay healthy, be healthier while doing our part taking care of our environment.

Live Naturally & Organically!

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2 thoughts on “To Live Naturally & Organically

  1. I find this a very interesting and refreshing change to see how organic and healthy living can make changes in your lifestyle and attitude. For many years I believed that organic ment expense and didn’t look any further however with encourage ment and information from those around me it didn’t need to be that way. I am also going down the organic road for my products for looking after my skin and all other products that can help keep my self as natural as possible. I would like to congratulate you on your future .

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Happy you found us, even happier & grateful that you found our article interesting & refreshing. Truly, natural organic living has helped us greatly in many ways. Yes, true that re-expense,. we thought the same when we first started, we thought that it would be an expense too but certainly not.,albeit we didn’t get to reap the benefits after a year of trying to live, adapt this healthy lifestyle. We couldn’t be happier! We couldn’t help ourselves but encourage others too! We hope that in the long run many people will also realize that living a natural organic lifestyle is good for us & for our environment,. Thank you again

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