Preserving Vanuatu’s Environment

Preserving Vanuatu’s Environment played by Empowered Local Women. In Vanuatu, threats posed to biodiversity from population growth and overharvesting, climate change, and extractive economies of scale are  compounding.  For the people of these South Pacific islands, the loss of biodiversity impacts food security and well-being. Case studies from around the world reveal that empowering women […]

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Perfect Happy Valentines Chocolate

Perfect Happy Valentines Chocolate

A Perfect Happy Valentines Chocolate Treat! Chocolates.. Who do not love thee?  Get to know where it came from by David Christopher’s (of Herbal Legacy) full written article below. Just in time for the Sweetest Month! Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean (cacao seed) harvested off the trunk of the cacao evergreen tree a […]

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Island reach

Island Reach

Hello August! We are featuring Island Reach this month. We appreciate all the amazing job they’re doing! Read on, get to know and watch so you will also know what we’re talking about. No doubt, you would agree and appreciate all the hard work and efforts they’re putting in. Island Reach – Job Well Done! […]

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For the Chocolatiers and the Chocoholics

For the Chocolatiers and the Chocoholics

For the Chocolatiers and the Chocoholics – Your favourite Aelan Dark Chocolates from Epi, Malekula and Malo has won 2 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze Medals at the VEGAN CHOCOLATE AWARDS Competition 2018. Huge congratulations Aelan Chocolate Makers and ACIAR for putting Vanuatu’s own dark chocolate on the map. For the chocolatiers and chocoholics out there to find and […]

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Meet Marie Aru of Maries Creations in Vanuatu

Meet Marie Aru

It’s indeed our great pleasure and honour to introduce Auntie Marie Aru of Marie’s Creations, Vanuatu. Meet Marie Aru of Marie’s Creations in Vanuatu We had the pleasure of meeting this incredible woman back in 2007. Scott first met Marie when Scott bought a gorgeous Lava Lava “sarong’ with a beautiful turtle design. This sarong […]

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natural organic vanuatu products on sale

Festive Seaon Sale is now On. Limited Time

Treat Yourself! Best Gifting Ideas Inside! Enjoy!

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natural organic shop vanuatu living thanks you

A Quickie!

A Quickie! Did you know that whenever you purchase from our Eco-friendly Boutique Online, most of the money goes directly to the Local businesses we support? Yup! The rest goes out to the upkeep and smooth operation of the shop/website, ie fees to pay internet, power, marketing, web hosting, online payment fees, phone calls, time […]

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Beautiful Planet

We Live on a Beautiful Planet

We Live on a Beautiful Planet – a beautiful song, a great music for our planet. When Brazil meet Vanuatu. Have you ever listened to some music that touched your soul? We have recently and we want to share it with you. You’d feel the same especially if you also truly care for our planet. We’re […]

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meet vanuatu Bijouterie

Discover Vanuatu Bijouterie, The World’s Best Artisan Fine Design Vanuatu Jewellers, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

We’re excited to share about Vanuatu Bijouterie. What is Vanuatu Bijouterie? Who is Vanuatu Bijouterie? Three things. If you’re looking for the world’s best handmade artisan fine design jewellery brand; eco-friendly and sustainable, Vanuatu Bijouterie can assist you. If you’re looking for 100% Handmade, 100% Vanuatu Made souvenir, Vanuatu Bijouterie is your perfect place. If you’re looking […]

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meet locals, say hello

Meet the Locals, Say Hello

Welcome to Vanuatu, Meet Locals, Say Hello! Have you been to where we are? We are based in Vanuatu, South Pacific When we came to Vanuatu, Michelle for work, Scott as Tourist in the beginning, we’ve always wanted to meet the locals, to see and experience The Real Vanuatu. To see what it’s really like. So […]

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Dr. Christopher

Part II – Herbs vs. Modern Medicine – Some Common Fallacies

Herbs vs. Modern Medicine – Some Common Fallacies – Dr. Christopher – PART II. We subscribe to newsletters that we know could help us live a better healthier life for us, naturally and environmentally sustainable. Speaking of which, we would like to share some of the newsletters that we regularly received from Dr. Christopher of The School of […]

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Herbs vs. Modern Medicine - Some Common Fallacies

Part I – Herbs vs. Modern Medicine – Some Common Fallacies

We subscribe to newsletters that we know could help us live a better healthier life for us, naturally and environmentally sustainable. Speaking of which, we would like to share one of the newsletters that we regularly received from Dr. Christopher of The School of Natural Healing Dr. Christopher is one of our inspirations into using Plants as a […]

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organic skincare vanuatu

Top 5 Organic Skin Products

Going natural and organic is without any doubt the best way forward. It is therefore not surprising that there is sudden spurt in the demand for organic skin products and the market for such organic and natural products is growing by leaps and bounds. We are therefore happy to share below five such organic skin […]

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The Joy of Gardening

The Joy of Gardening.. Wow oh Wow! This was our expression when we first saw their fruit flowers below!! To be honest we are still saying Wow, Wow, Wow every time we see them. Both trees are flowering. Oh who wouldn’t be excited with that? The fruit of our labour and waiting is finally rewarded! […]

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natural organic living

How are You? PS: You’re Invited!

How are you Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gods and Goddesses? We hope and trust you’ll find our latest blog well. Us? We are well, we are feeling fantastic and are feeling blessed! We’re occasionally feeling blues too. We haven’t been successful escaping it. How about you? How are you feeling? Do you sometimes feel the blues? What do you […]

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birthday in vanuatu

A Glorious Day, a Cracking Sunset & a Turtle!

Birthday in Vanuatu – The day has come & it’s one of Natural Organic Living Website owner’s 47th Birthday! Your Dedicated Professional Wedding/Event Videographer in Vanuatu, Scott Wilson. Have you met Scott? Feel free to say Hi in the comment box. Feel free to send him more Birthday Wishes, that would be nice and he’d like that too. Who wouldn’t? Yes, he enjoyed […]

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Natural Organic Living Joins Plastic Free July Challenge

Welcome July – A Plastic Free July!

Natural Organic Living Joins Plastic Free July Challenge! We are doing the best we can to avoid using new plastics at home for the whole month of July, to continue to recycle plastic and to hopefully stop using them for eternity. To those who are able – please help us and encourage us to stop using them by […]

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Amazing Organic Natural Product User Conscious Individuals

A Warm Hello and Welcome June! A Tropical Day, a Tropical Evening to you All Amazing Organic Natural Product User Conscious Individuals out there! We trust and we hope that our Organic Health and Beauty Shop post finds you All very well. First of all, Thank you for being here. Also, In case, you didn’t know and no one […]

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Happy Mother's Day Organic Products Gift

Treat & Spoil Mum! Our Mother’s Day Special is Now On!

Happy Mother’s Day To All Amazing Mothers Out There! Mother’s Day is coming soon – 14th May 2017! Thus, Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all Amazing Mothers out there! Also, to all the Biological Mums, to all Step Mums, Mother in Laws, Pet Mothers and Grand Mothers. Moreover to everyone who has taken the risk and the responsibility, who have […]

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Our Easter Sale is now on!

Organic Shop Easter Special

Your Organic Shop – First Happy Organic Shop Easter Sale Special is Here! It’s our First time to celebrate Easter Sunday and Easter Week so we’re throwing our First Ever – Weeklong Easter Special! What a “mouthful”! Do continue reading to the end or scroll down to find your Easter Egg Treasure! Our Quick Question Have you visited our […]

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Shop Organic Food Lapita Cafe Vanuatu

For a Happy Healthy Gut!

Your Favourite Lapita Cafe – Specialising in Local Food Lapita Cafe Vanuatu Natural Organic Food to your Plate & to your Happy Healthy Tummy! Lapita Cafe Vanuatu – Who are they? Have you heard of Lapita Cafe Vanuatu? Have you ever wondered who’s behind the development of Local Food in Vanuatu? Or who’s behind the production of […]

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Why Choose Natural Organic Skin-care

First Step is Understanding our Skin Layers Did you know that our skin is the most active organ in terms of discharging impurities from our body? According to Dr. Berkowsky of Natural Health Sciences – No other organ is more actively engaged in discharging impurities from the body than the skin; it is a close relative of […]

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ACTIV Natural Organic Online Shop & Blog in Vanuatu Aelan

ACTIVely Impacting Lives Positively

ACTIVely Impacting Lives Positively – ACTIV  (Alternative Communities Trades in Vanuatu) Association – Non-Profit Organization – Eco-Friendly – Fair Trade – Sustainable – Environmentally Conscious – Ethical We find them on TOP of the lists of non-profit organizations in Vanuatu that are hugely impacting lives positively for oh so many Vanuatu local communities. We are, yes In-Love with them and […]

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volcanic earth natural skin care

Volcanic Earth Natural Skin Care

Volcanic Earth Natural Skin Care.. Beauty from Deep within the Earth.. The Brand name itself says it all. Natural & Organic We bring you more Great News! We are now also carrying your favourite natural skin care brand – Volcanic Earth! Volcanic Earth – Natural Organic Skin Care Product – Beauty from Deep within the Earth.. How exciting is this?!! It […]

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natural organic coconut palms shop

You’re Exactly Where You’re Needed

59 days have passed since new year 2017! Welcome March! What have you been up to? Any exciting news happening your way? We’ll tell you a short uplifting story for some inspiration and encouragement. Here goes. Sadly for us, it’s almost 3 or maybe 5 years now since we had our first working shop online website destroyed. If you […]

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Live Naturally & Organically

To Live Naturally & Organically

To Live Naturally & Organically. Let’s admit it, whenever we hear “to live naturally & organically, we often times associate it with food”. Right? But guess what? It’s not just about food! Surprised? We couldn’t blame you because it’s the same thought that crossed our minds & many others who first acquainted the words “natural & organic living lifestyle”. Then […]

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Natural Organic Products

Natural Organic Health and Beauty Shop

Welcome! It has always been our desire to share our Amazing Vanuatu to the world. We find that the best chance to do it is to have a Blog & Natural Organic Health and Beauty Shop Online. Now, 4, 5 years after our first attempt destroyed, we’re nearly ready to launch although you can start shopping […]

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Organic Tanna Coffee

Good Coffee, Bad Coffee

Natural Organic Coffee Natural Organic Coffee first thing in the morning & throughout the day…. Yes to that! Are you a coffee drinker? What type of coffee do you drink? How do you take it? Is it instant? or Do you prefer Brewed Regular coffee? Cappuccino? Frapuccino? Iced coffee? Feel free to share with our community. If you […]

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Where Is Vanuatu organic paradise

Some Call it Paradise, We Call it Home

Where is Vanuatu? We heard so much about your beautiful country, where many call it Paradise We want to visit but we don’t know where Vanuatu is located and how to get there. Where to begin with this question – Where is Vanuatu? Almost a decade of living in Vanuatu and had been asked one of these questions many times […]

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Oils of Paradise

We first met this amazing lady behind Oils of Paradise and were introduced to some of her creations at a Vanuatu business meeting, that we attended sometime ago. She is a quiet and remarkable woman. She dreams and she acts to achieve them. Get to know this amazing, wonderful & hard-working Mum – Business woman Ms. Rona Garae – one of our Good Partners […]

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Summit Vanuatu organic health and beauty products

The Summit Vanuatu

We have been given the opportunity to get to know The Summit Vanuatu intimately. We’ve known every member of our Summit Vanuatu family. We know and experienced how their production works. How their products are also truly beneficial? Know about their Key Ingredients but please also do your research of their tropical Vanuatu ingredients benefits.  The Summit owe to everyone behind the birth/creation […]

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Welcome February 2017! Chocolate

1 Month Down, 11 Exciting Months to Go! How were your first 31 days of 365? We trust it was amazing, fun and full of life! 🙂 February is the month of LOVE –  Saint Valentines Day!! 🙂 though we believe that LOVE should be expressed & shown every single moment. Love, Love, Love, Love.. Just Love.. Whether you’re […]

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Hydrate & Rehydrate with Water

Natural Organic Living Shop & Store Hydrate & Rehydrate with Water Water or H2O is nature’s gift, one of the most important gifts that every living creature – man, plants & animals – NEED Daily. One thing, we cannot LIVE WITHOUT. Did you know that according to studies & research (please do your own research too) our body is composed […]

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Healthy Food – Natural & Organic Eggplant

When you live in the tropics like in Vanuatu, not only that you are spoilt with untouched beaches, lush nature and abundant sunshine, you are also spoilt with loads of organic vegetables, fruits, natural skin care products and BEEF galore if you’re also carnivorous at times like us. Not to mention, the ever friendly locals when they’re in […]

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our pups

Natural Remedy- Red Hibiscus

We started off with only 2 x 4 legged furies, our fur-babies Star & ‘Lucky’, both female. We’re not really sure what their breeding are but all we know is we were lucky to have them just on time when we really needed them. We love them and we care for them very much. We treat them as […]

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colds Let organic food be thy medicine

Treat it Like A Healthy Holiday

Treat it Like You’re on A Healthy Holiday Would you agree that it is very annoying when we’ve got cold or worse a flu!? We’ll tell you how we felt before, It annoyed us very much. We can’t help but had our days and our mood ruined by it. Not only that, it’s often associated with […]

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organic health & beauty natural products sustainable & eco-friendly, buy online

Hello Amazing You!

Welcome to Natural Organic Living and hello amazing you! We’re very Delighted and Pleased you found us! Finally! Our Website – Blog and Natural Shop– is now taking shape after 2 years! Help us celebrate! Our Blogs – Some of our Blogs may just be the right blog you need to read right now to help you with your journey […]

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