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Vanuatu Bijouterie Shop and Factory – a world class artisan fine design jeweller since 1971 – offer gorgeously designed, organic, artisan handmade Vanuatu Fine Design Jewellery. Your Every Fine Jewelry Piece is designed and crafted to suit the taste of all fine design jewelry enthusiasts, to suit any mood for every occasion.

Know their Beautiful Story here.

Vanuatu Bijouterie has it all – Gold, Real Vanuatu Tusk, Authentic, Black Tahitian Pearls, Sterling Silver, Precious Gems & Stones. They are the only Fine Design Jeweller in the South Pacific that does and have it all.

Absolutely Stunning Artisan Fine Design Jewellery – A Fabulous Long Term Investment

Vanuatu Bijouterie is 100% owned & operated by Ni-Vanuatu and is a long time supporter of the Kiwanis and other charity organisations.

Every Vanuatu Bijouterie Fine Design Jewellery are made to Endure, have Exquisite & Unique Designs, Luxurious, Gorgeous and are Handcrafted to Last a Lifetime.

> A Perfect Luxury Vanuatu Souvenir that you can pass on to your daughter, grand daughter, your next generations.
> A Perfect Luxurious Gift to Yourself and your Loved Ones.
> A Fabulous Way to Say I Love You! That I’m thinking of you!

Happy Shopping! Remember, Money is never wasted on You and Your Loved Ones

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