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ACTIV Coconut Organic Soap - Your Skin Cleansing Coconut Soap

ACTIV Coconut Organic Soap 160g

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Your Organic Tropical Coco Soap!

ACTIV Coconut Organic Soap Size 160g

Why Buy Me

I’m gorgeous and I will cleanse your skin lovingly without any unsafe ingredients.

I’m wonderfully created in a pristine environment by a group of empowered local women headed by ACTIV Team.


ACTIV Coconut Organic Soap

Experience me! Not only that I will cleanse your skin safely and lovingly, your trade will also help us continue develop more of our ACTIV Projects.

Powerful Ingredients and Benefits

Laurel oil and lauric acid abundant in our organic coconut oil soap are the two powerful ingredients responsible for giving our activ organic coconut soap its outstanding skin healing & cleansing properties.

Laurel oil is about 50% lauric acid content, the same as coconut oil. Organic Coconut oil is an abundant natural source of lauric acid and more cost effective as well.

The lauric acid content in our organic soap made with coconut oil makes it effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. Lauric acid is known to have antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-itch properties. Also, it promotes wound healing and helps with insect bites. Additionally, it is an effective treatment for many other skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis, acne, herpes and rosacea.  Moreover, all of this makes coconut oil an important ingredient in our organic bar soaps. Finally, it makes for a long-lasting bar that’s highly beneficial to the skin and is quick to lather even in cold or salt water.

ACTIV Coconut Organic Soap is your skin cleansing coconut soap. Created lovingly by a group of empowered local women of Vanuatu headed by ACTIV.

Buy Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Organic Products – ACTIV Products of Vanuatu from their ACTIV Online Shop.


Treat Yourself!

In addition, we hope that you can find what you are looking to buy. However, if you cannot – please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we shall do our best to make it happen!! So go on and spoil yourself by buying something organic for your health and beauty from us! Moreover, we hope that you enjoy your organic shopping experience with us and do so safely and securely! Finally, please join the organic movement to help make the world a better and healthier place!

See some of the antibacterial / sanitizing benefits here – Benefits of coconut oil


Additional information

Weight 190 g

1 review for ACTIV Coconut Organic Soap 160g

  1. Jasmine Ridgely

    Fabulous soap – use it everyday – organic bliss!

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