Treat it Like A Healthy Holiday

Treat it Like You’re on A Healthy Holiday

Would you agree that it is very annoying when we’ve got cold or worse a flu!? We’ll tell you how we felt before, It annoyed us very much. We can’t help but had our days and our mood ruined by it. Not only that, it’s often associated with cough & fever, eyes burning, breathing heavy and body aches and pain (flu) – very uncomfortable! We used to really hate it, seriously hated having it! We still hate it, the difference now, is we learnt to manage it by accepting it, welcoming it.. you’d think that’s bs for us to say these because no one wants it! and yet here we are saying that we’re accepting it and welcoming it?! BS, right? For sure if you don’t know why.. it took us about – Michelle 30 years and Scott about 40 years to understand and how to deal with it, accept it and welcome it without ruining our days. Here is our simple reason.. because if we don’t – it will literally control our days, ruin our days plan and our mood. It still annoy us but We now treat having it – a Healthy Holiday! We now understood that our bodies are needing some caring, loving and attention..


What we used to do when we have it?

Scott has found out about Echinacea in liquid and capsule form many years back so he has always reached out for it and introduced it to Michelle yet still has controlled him for many years!  Michelle being Pharmacist – didn’t believe in Echinacea and just reached out for “quick fix” by taking colds medicines- yet it didn’t help either! It doesn’t go away. Michelle didn’t believe the wonder of Echinacea until later on which make Michelle very grateful about..

What do we do now?

Every time we feel that we have over worked our bodies, stressed beyond belief or there’s bug going around – we now normally take Echinacea straight away with meals and Vitamin C supplement to boost our immune system. If mentioned supplements didn’t stop colds/flu infecting us, all we do now is to continue taking the supplements added by Noni Capsule, drinking load of fluids – water or fruit juices, honey lemon green tea or any kind of tea, and have some HOME COOK soup, get a restful sleep and let the colds/flu infect our bodies and allow our bodies heal.

From our experiences, you probably have experienced it too that despite going to our trusted doctors and prescribed us with some cold/flu medications, our colds, our flu still doesn’t go away for about a week or 2 or even longer than that yet we spent a lot of money for a quick fix that didn’t fix. Do you have the same experience? If you do, maybe our learned methods can help you manage it next time you or any members of your family has it.

How we helped and boosted our bodies immune system when infected with colds/flu?

Michelle being Pharmacist helps managed it but we have NOW also adopted Hippocrates famous quote on health which helped us a lot — Let food be Thy medicine.. assisted by supplements and activities we mentioned above. We can say that we have successfully managed ourselves whenever colds/flu doesn’t escape us without giving us any bad days. You probably guessed that YES you can also manage it by trying our very easy methods that will save you trip to your nearest health centre and save you some $$ for “quick fix” that won’t quickly fix.


To summarize below are the supplements, food, drink and activities we do when we have colds or flu for a week. If you can do your normal thing you do daily, do it if you’re still able to without stretching yourself too much added by the following below.. and we make sure we get a day or 2 of FULL BODY REST depending on the severity

1. We take Noni Capsule first thing in the morning as we wake up in an empty stomach with a full glass of water

2. If you have lime or lemon available at home – we cut one and squeeze it straight into our throat – doesn’t taste very nice – but it helped us especially Michelle

3. We take Echinacea 2 to 3 x a day with food and a 500mg Vitamin C with food (Caffeine interferes the absorption of Vitamin C)

vitamin c

4. We make Fruit Juice loaded with Vitamin C – Banana, Paw-Paw (Papaya), other fruits available in our kitchen mixed with local Vanuatu Yogurt and milk

5. Sweat if you can

6. Have a cold shower daily and if you’re close to the sea, have a dip for 30 minutes if your body allows you to

7. Michelle makes Home Cook Beef or Chicken Soup – whatever meat is available in our fridge with very important ingredients 1. Onions 2. Garlic 3, Ginger 4. Lemon Grass 5.  Vegetables available with some salt & some herbs from our kitchen to taste and then enjoys the dose once or twice daily for a week

8. Drinks a cup of Honey, Lemon, Green or Black or any kind of Tea available in our household at anytime of the day (just NOT at night time – the small percentage of caffeine in the tea interferes with our sleep which we badly need to get)

9. Sleep, sleep and sleep.. Michelle sometimes takes 500mg paracetamol at night when sleeping is hard to come by.. Scott is happy with all other supplements without the medicine that Michelle takes.

That’s it! 

It’s a week or two full weeks of taking care of our bodies, paying attention to it and therefore showing some love. Since we started doing the above, colds/flu and other illness, thank God, rarely visits our home and we are healthy! Also, we include home made fruit juices 3 to 4x a week and make soup once a month in our diet whether we’re sick or not. Hope you’ve learned something in dealing with your Colds and or Flu too. We learned all of the above from health & wellness guides that made sense that we read from reliable sources and experimented ourselves, from school for Michelle, mostly common sense especially for Scott, knowledge passed on from our parents, from grandparents ie. soup, from people of Vanuatu about Noni and reading about it and from other healthcare professionals advises.

Must Remember!

Thank you so much for taking your time reading and for sharing it to your loved ones. We must always Remember that yes our Body heal on its own especially when we’re still young and our cells are still actively rejuvenating and replenishing.. We just need to make sure that our immune system is not compromised. It’s a different story when we’re older and when we have not really lead a healthy lifestyle. In order to stay healthy, we strongly recommend to only take supplements that we’re taking, activities we do, drink we drink, food we eat, use natural organic skin care we use. Also when you have no known allergies, when you have researched and you believe that these will also help boost your immune system. It’s also BEST to see your trusted Doctor or your trusted health care professional to assist you. That’s what we’re here for, speaking for Michelle.

Stay Healthy! Until next time!

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