Natural Remedy- Red Hibiscus

We started off with only 2 x 4 legged furies, our fur-babies Star & ‘Lucky’, both female. We’re not really sure what their breeding are but all we know is we were lucky to have them just on time when we really needed them. We love them and we care for them very much. We treat them as our own babies.


Anyhow, what we’re about to share may lead you to appreciate it or not. It’s Scott & I’s first time to care for 4 legged all by ourselves, we knew nothing! All we know is that they need to get fed many times a day when still puppies and at least twice a day when adult; that they need to be potty trained and they need to be washed and cleaned. We have no idea what to do when they get sick!

When we had them, they were only 2 months old. We believed, especially, I, Michelle that they were meant for us especially our next door were leaving with their 2 beautiful natured dogs – Bronti & Xena! We still miss you B & X! Star & Lucky are now 4 years old. Lucky have 2  x 2 year old young pups- Zeus & Sumo and Star has 1 x 1.5 year old young pup Bruni. Having them absolutely helped us care more for others outside ourselves. They taught us many great lessons in life. Their LOVE is heart warming and healing. We know that only those who have pets as dogs whom they treat as family will understand.

Let’s talk about how this RED BEAUTIFUL HIBISCUS and its YOUNG LEAVES fits in our lives and how we came to appreciate its beauty and existence MORE.


I, Michelle, have already shared this before in writing to an acquaintance via Facebook messaging. Anyhow, when Star was only about 6 months old, she grew a lump on one of her paws. I searched about it on the internet as we don’t want to go to the Vet clinic unless we really had to. What we found out what it was, was that it’s a tumour. Apparently our baby Star is susceptible to it because of her breeding 🙁 What did we do? What did Michelle do? We got scared because it was growing by day. At this time, ‘our’ Red Hibiscus was flowering a lot. Being into natural plants and food to use as medicine, I checked it out and experimented it! PS: We’ve been using this flower and the young leaves when we were cleaning and washing them but not used as medicinal purposes yet until this incident. Mind you, before I used it on Star’s paw I did some reading about Hibiscus and what active natural constituents does it posses and what are its uses over the Internet, ‘Dr. Google’. After reading about it, being Pharmacist, I experimented it on Star’s paw. How I did it? I carefully plucked young leaves and collected at least 5 x  fresh looking flowers from the ground, wet these with my own saliva and luke-warm water, crushed and macerated these until I created a paste form. I set it aside for 15 to 20minutes. After that, I applied my remedy ‘paste’ on Star’s washed and cleaned with salt water affected paw at least twice a day for the next 7 days to 10 days until it totally healed. The lump at this time was already about 7mm width and thickness.  The first 2 days were worse after application, the lump opened up, it was seeping! It didn’t look nice at all, but we were persistent. You wouldn’t believe it, Star’s paw slowly healed. Our home rejoiced, we did!! Star was no longer limping and irritable, her paw was totally healed using this remedy. All that’s left is the scar. When you see our Star, we’ll show it to you…


After the successful experiment, we don’t believe that only the Red Hibiscus plants’ natural constituents healed Star’s Paw Tumour-Looking Lump. We believed that our belief in the flower can heal, the Love, the affection & the care we have for her, prayer, Michelle’s mixed in saliva (contains enzymes), warm water, her good diet, probiotic did a huge part of her healing as well as washing it with Salt water.

Since then, we have always used this remedy to treat our babies many cuts, abrasions and any wounds including eye infections. We have never taken any of them to the Vet and hopefully will remain so. Thankfully, our God-given nature has always made our Hibiscus abundant. When flower is missing, we use its young leaves as the remedy.

We hope you learnt something from our first musing this 2017 and would share to your family & friends when & if you find this beneficial to them. If you’re also curious if this beautiful plant also has the same effect on us-human, try it, experiment it when & if benefits outweighs the risk… Do some more reading..



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