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Volcanic Earth Natural Skin Care.. Beauty from Deep within the Earth.. The Brand name itself says it all. Natural & Organic

We bring you more Great News! We are now also carrying your favourite natural skin care brand – Volcanic Earth! Volcanic Earth – Natural Organic Skin Care Product – Beauty from Deep within the Earth.. How exciting is this?!! It is, very!

The Meeting We met up recently with the amazing people behind Volcanic Earth. Have you met their gorgeous CEO Linda Trenkner, her superb husband & Export Partner, Barry Roche & the rest of their amazing team members? We have & we’re bragging, forgive us! We’ve heard so much about them and what they do however we never really had the chance to meet them personally until much recently. We’re happy with the outcome. We hope you’re happy for us too!

Both of them have been very helpful & friendly; and most importantly they are both strong advocates of natural, organically grown products. They are great supporters of the belief that we are all connected to the earth’s energy.  Their motto is, “the stronger the connection, the stronger and healthier we become”.

When you’re in Vanuatu, it’s not hard to meet them, simply go to their Shop & DAY Spa! How to locate them? They’re address is at Numbratri, Elluk Rd., Port Vila. If you jump in a bus, simply ask the friendly driver to take you to Numbatri, to Volcanic Earth, next to the Oxfam Building. It’s probably 200m away from DHL – wharf road – intersection going to Numbatri.

We are truly honoured & are also humbled to be given the chance & opportunity to join their Volcanic Earth Family as one of their hundreds of Successful Resellers!

Why would you buy from our natural shop instead of other V.E Suppliers? Because we have our In-House Licensed & Registered Healthcare professional, a Pharmacist, who is a strong natural skin care advocate, skin health conscious, who can help you with your lingering skin issues. Michelle will be there for you every step of the way if you need help in deciding which Volcanic Earth product you could use to naturally moisturise your dull, dry & scaly skin, treat, manage & get rid of your bacteria-caused acne, acne scarring; help you relieve the symptoms & hopefully cure eczema, psoriasis & more. Yes, Michelle can greatly assist; help you decide and walk you through Volcanic Earth’s Fabulous Natural Skin Care products & anything else that you need from our natural skin shop.

Get to know about Volcanic Earth’s beautiful story below. Know how & know why many are using their skin care solutions all over the world.

Volcanic Earth Profile

About the company
Volcanic Earth is located in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu which is an archipelago of 83 separate island located in the South Pacific. . They are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of natural organic skin care products and traditional Melanesian skin treatments whose main focus is to formulate safe and effective products for people with skin problems from aging to acne and everything in between.  Their products are made from locally-produced Tamanu Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Volcanic Ash and Volcanic Pumice.

The company sources inputs from various areas of Vanuatu and operates a processing and storage facility in the capital, Port Vila.
The company is headed up by Linda Trenkner and her husband Barry, who are both strong advocates of natural, organically grown products.  They are great supporters of the belief that we are all connected to the earth’s energy.  Their motto is, “the stronger the connection, the stronger and healthier we become”.

Origins of Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth was born out of a desire to utilize the natural resources of Vanuatu to create much need jobs and employment opportunities for disadvantaged Ni Vanuatu, particularly on the more remote islands of Vanuatu. Linda and Barry were aware of the extensive ash planes on Tanna Island to the South and thought that there must be a way to utilize this ash to the benefit of mankind rather than leaving it to go to waste.

After extensive research and testing, they discovered that volcanic ash and pumice are natural exfoliating agents that also work to cleanse and purify the skin. They learnt that some indigenous people on Tanna Island used volcanic ash as a skin treatment and had for centuries.

Traditional therapies also incorporated the wide use of Coconut Oil and a secret skin healing agent they called Nabakura Oil (these days known as Tamanu Oil). Both of these Oils are natural products produced from nuts.  Coconut Trees and Tamanu Trees grow in abundance across virtually all 83 islands of Vanuatu. These revelations led these Expat Australians to develop an extensive range of natural body scrubs and other natural skin care products based on Virgin Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Volcanic Ash and Pumice.

The sourcing of local, raw ingredients and embarking on establishing Volcanic Earth as a trusted, international skin care brand would also create a significant number of income opportunities for villagers collecting coconuts, Tamanu nuts and volcanic ash.

In 2008, Volcanic Earth embarked on a joint project with AusAid to expand its processing plant to produce bulk supplies of skin care products for export markets in the wholesale and retail sectors, as well as a program of working more closely with village suppliers to increase supply and to provide technical support for first stage processing by these suppliers.

Over the next 3 years, Volcanic Earth’s production capacity increased by 400% and the business doubled its gross income. By 2010 Volcanic Earth had established a network of overseas agents/distributors and payments to local tamanu nut collectors and graders, primarily women, were over $A30,000. Coconut suppliers in rural locations were also receiving around $A10,000 per year from Volcanic Earth.

Volcanic ash was also purchased in bulk quantities. Payments also went to land transport providers and inter-island shipping companies. Most of these suppliers had limited alternative income sources.

In 2011, Volcanic Earth moved to new premises in Port Vila to further expand its production facilities. Both domestic and export sales grew and continue to grow to this day. With over 600 resellers around the world and stocking distributors in Japan, The Netherlands and Australia, Volcanic Earth is making a direct impact on the lives of more than 1,500 Ni Vanuatu disadvantaged by remoteness and poverty.

Villagers Opportunity Villagers now have the opportunity to earn cash for necessities in an otherwise non-cash economy. This hard fought growth has also lead to direct employment opportunities within the company and specialist training.

So when you buy Volcanic Earth products you are not only supporting the growth and export development of a small, local company but you are also contributing to the development of direct and indirect employment and livelihood opportunities for many indigenous communities throughout Vanuatu.

Have a peak at our carefully selected Volcanic Earth natural skin solution products here. (More Volcanic Earth Certified Tamanu Products are being loaded) If you or you know of anyone who can greatly benefit their skin solutions, send them over to our shop and we will assist them every step of the way. Our In-house Pharmacist will be there to guide you, to help you put an end of your long time, lingering skin issues, making sure you’re getting the right solution. Save you time & waste of money. We will guide you or your family member, your friend or a colleague through your Volcanic Earth product selection. Rest assured, our In-house Pharmacist can help. Just click on the button, found on the right bottom of this article – our Live Chat Button that says – Chat with Us? to chat with us Live. Or simply leave a message if we’re not online.

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