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Eco Friendly Gods and Goddesses - Sustainable Earth Warriors!

How are You? PS: You’re Invited!

How are you Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gods and Goddesses? We hope and trust you’ll find our latest blog well. Us? We are well, we are feeling fantastic and are feeling blessed! We’re occasionally feeling blues too. We haven’t been successful escaping it. How about you? How are you feeling? Do you sometimes feel the blues? What do you do about it? How do you cope?

What we can share is we’ve learned how to manage ourselves, to be able to rise above it (not always we tell you). We’ll show you how in a minute.. They’re subtle.. You’ll find them as you go on reading.

What are we feeling fantastic and feeling blessed about?

1. We’re thrilled to share that more and more eco-friendly Gods and Goddesses out there have discovered our Inspiring Blog, our beautiful Vanuatu and most especially, our Boutique Organic Convenience Shop Online! Isn’t this exciting? Have you checked them yet? Hope you like and enjoy what you’ll read and find there. That’s not it, this includes them finding and shopping from our Boutique Convenience Shop Online for Natural Organic Products of Vanuatu easy, secure and very convenient.

We can only hope that they’ve learned something, enjoyed their Vanuatu virtual tour, benefited our beautiful products we lovingly made available and had fun reading our personal honest musings.

2. We’re also delighted to share that we’re especially feeling blessed and are feeling fantastic too because despite how we feel at times, despite many out there who are continuously trying to bring us down, our most amazing most powerful God, the forces of our Universe is always finding ways and means to comfort us, to keep us protected, provided for, keeping us strong and brave! Thank heavens!!

Have you experienced them? Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling? Do you believe in God? We do and we hope you do too. In fact, we can’t live without God. If you also believe, you would know why. If not yet, get to know His Amazing Presence and Existence. Why? Because you don’t need to worry about anything if you believe, trust and have faith in him. You will always know that you will always be provided for and you will always know that everything will be okay. We’re still alive, thriving and living despite all the challenges.

Anyway, are you realizing that we’re now in the 9th month of 2017!? We are realizing it! 3 more months to go and it’s Jingle Bells time! How time truly flies. Additionally, we’re now Going on 4 months since our Official Natural Organic Living Blog and Organic Shop Opening. Thanks to our avid supporters and generous people out there who has been helping us to make sales.

natural organic living

We have our month deal on. You’ll get 12ml of our Precious Nangai Oil Roll On valued at $14.95 if you spend for as little as $85 on the shop.  Yes that’s right, you get it for FREE. Make sure you don’t miss it!

certified organic tamanu oil
Spend as Little as $85 and Get this 12ml FREE!
Meet Our Natural Organic Pets

To those who aren’t aware, we have no Human Babies yet. So Meet and Say Hello to our Most Loved Four-Legged Fur babies for now. Our Stress Relievers! Has any of you seen or met our most loved Beautiful Pets yet? Oh you have to! Have a look below! Our little precious! They are the most adorable, the most loving, the most fun, most noisy and the most caring pets we ever have. We suppose because we never had the opportunity before. We’re so grateful having them in our lives. No one can understand us except maybe for those who have learned to love and to treat their pets as part of their trusted family circle.

Oh, how much they’ve taught us! They brought more love, joy, protection and good health into our lives. We have learned so much from them. They can be very naughty and very boisterous, like kids! We love them so much. They’re like kids. They’d throw tantrums too!

We can still remember the first time Lucky had her first litter! Lucky told us she was already delivering when she came to us with her first litter in her mouth! Amazing isn’t it?! What a beautiful memory it was. Beautiful feeling! Have you experienced this too?

Do you feel the same way about your pets too?

If you ask us if we have vaccinated them – no we haven’t. Have we ever taken them to any Vet? No we haven’t. We help them heal though plant healing, talking to them, giving them extra extra love and attention. They also know how to treat themselves naturally. We use Pharmaceuticals as back up. We’ve treated Star & Lucky with Fleas medicine one time and that was it – hopefully will never happen again. Never Zeus, Sumo nor Bruni.

We shower them with Love, Kindness, attention (with occasional spanking when they’re being very naughty). The natural organic ways of living… We feed them home cooked meals with vegies, fruits from the gardens (they love pawpaw, coconut and bananas). We take them down to the beach to play and to wash.. We treat them with dog bones and lots and lots of love talks… No, we don’t show our pets love by clothing them and giving them processed food.. we show them love through providing them home cooked meals (rice, vegies and raw meat), giving them our time, stroking them, hugging them, telling them we love them, talking to them…

We can’t wait to have human babies too! We can only hope and pray that when it comes we’re ready for the humongous responsibility that’s attached to becoming human parents.

Meet Our  Pet Zeus

Organic Pet Zeus

eco friendly gods goddesses

Meet our Furry Sumo – growls like Chubacka from Star Wars

Organic Pet Zeus

Meet our Playful Sumo and Zeus

the natural organic pet dogs

zeus the natural organic pet dog web

Meet Our Asian Boy Bruni! (Star, Zeus and Sumo on the Background) The scars on his face are from his bully cousins. But he’s learned to stand up for himself now!

organic et bruni

Last but not the Least, our Sphinx, Our Lucky and Star!

eco friendly gods goddesses

See, we told you you’re going to love them too! PS: They’re quite protective of us and the Gardens including The Beach  Front. So, we only take them when there is no one down the beach! Otherwise…

Anyway, Do you practice Meditation? If you do, have you heard of Dr. Deepak Chopra? We have to especially mention and especially Thanks to Dr. Deepak Chopra and Chopra Centre for their FREE Workshop re-Synchrodestiny last month! Visit their Website to know more and to learn meditation.

There you have it folks, you now know some of our ways on how we relieve ourselves of stress and how we cope. Please share your methods too..

You’re Invited

By the way, are you a Wellness Natural Organic Blogger? We’re Inviting you to be one of our Wellness Guest Bloggers! Tell your friends too! E-mail us to know more about it! Contact us here.

Thank you for visiting and for reading our latest musing! Hope you enjoyed it. Let us know if you do! PS: Don’t forget to add your F R E E B I E to your cart before paying when you shop – no minimum spend.

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