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Birthday in Vanuatu - A Glorious Day, Cracking Sunset & a Turtle

A Glorious Day, a Cracking Sunset & a Turtle!

Birthday in Vanuatu – The day has come & it’s one of Natural Organic Living Website owner’s 47th Birthday! Your Dedicated Professional Wedding/Event Videographer in Vanuatu, Scott Wilson.

Have you met Scott? Feel free to say Hi in the comment box. Feel free to send him more Birthday Wishes, that would be nice and he’d like that too. Who wouldn’t? Yes, he enjoyed his day,(shows in the pic, managed to catch him smiling and not made any faces!) loved it, thankful for it and he felt extra, extra, extra special. He is very thankful to those who made the efforts and spent precious time to greet him. Scott wishes you all well back. He has Celebrated his last 10 birthdays in Vanuatu! How amazing is that? A Lot has happened!! Time flies!

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So, How did the birthday go? 12th August 2017 was a Stunning Day! The Day started out like this…

Saw our Furbabies, Cleared some Cob Webs (they’re everywhere!) & Gave our babies their Dog Bones Treats! (Thank you Bon Marche!)

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Brunch with Organic Peanut Butter, Banana & Organic (Flow Hive) Honey Toast. Served with Banana, Passion Fruit & Pawpaw Smoothie and Vit.c and Fish Oil Supplement (Skipping Multivitamin today)! Scott is not a huge eater but Michelle is, believe it or not.

And finishes off with a Trip to the other side! We were meant to go to Le Life Resort but we ended up at our Fave Italian Restaurant instead – @ Francesca’s. Turned out great! This is one of the moments where we could say it happens for a reason because we just experienced one of the most stunning most cracking most spectacular sunsets we’ve seen in Vanuatu for a long time. Pictures taken didn’t do justice but it will have to do. We also saw a turtle popped his head up out of the water. We were lucky to have seen it too! Thank you God, Allah, Universe for these wonderful natural Gifts of nature!

The Sky was Magnificent, a Masterpiece! Perfect Brush Strokes! A Cracking Sunset! A Magical Day!

How did we end up at Francesca’s? This restaurant is one of our favourites for location, setting & ambience, on the other side. You should visit sometime for special occasions when you haven’t yet. But we thought we’d try somewhere else, at Le Life Resort. Because we drove a little late than expected, we didn’t have loads of time to find where it is. We were gutted because we really wanted to experience Le Life and meet the amazing lady behind it. Her name is Tahnia Cook, have you met her? Do you know her? She is amazing! Isn’t she? In case you’re not aware yet, Le Life is going to hold the first ever Colour Festival in Vanuatu, 30th Sept., this year. We hope to see you there!

So, yes, Scott’s 10th Birthday marked in Vanuatu was something very special indeed and memorable! Thank you God! Wrapped it up with Netflix  movie The Giver, His Fave Scottish Treat Gift from Maw and a Phone Conversation with Maw.

How about you? How do you celebrate Birthday in Vanuatu? How did you celebrate it? Have you celebrated recently? Feel free to share..

By the way, we thought we’d also share that One of the Best non material things living a Natural & Organic lifestyle that you get to live & experience daily is that you wake up always grateful whether it’s your birthday or not.. You always feel blessed & lucky each time you get to open your eyes.

How Come? Because as soon as you wake up, you will always feel grateful, happy that you’re still alive, whether you’re financially rich or not. That’s how we feel. Don’t you want that? We’re always grateful that once again we get to experience our beautiful natural world one more time…a new day… precious time that you get to spend loads of time with the people you love… your little precious family.. precious gifts… breathable air, sunshine, sunset, trees, sea, roof over our heads, real food, clothing.. and if you’re married like us with our Furbabies.., you’ll always be grateful that you still have each other and your furbabies with you in good health to enjoy the simplicities and magical life. Life maybe hard but it is full and complete when you always have each other’s back.

We’re not saying that we don’t have any problems, nor experience problems, nor no bad days nor any low moments. It also doesn’t mean that we don’t like nor appreciate nice beautiful things. Because we do, we and we experience all these like you do. It doesn’t mean that we don’t get sick either.

birthday in vanuatu

Living naturally & organically means for us is that our eyes are choosing to see things, use things & grateful of all the things in the world that occurs naturally in nature. We simply choose to want and to need less. It is not always easy because we are human, it’s natural to like niceties and to be competitive and especially if you’re surrounded with those who are living opposite to yours. It has not been easy with Michelle especially in the very beginning and still struggles every now and then. But like her, you’ll embrace it.

It would help if you have people around you, your husband or partner, your wife, friends especially your own family that supports you and understands you. If not, it is important that you stay focus, have faith, believe, walk your way and stand strong for what you believe in. Living naturally & organically also means that our bodies are healing faster & easier. As an example, when we get cuts, wounds, scratches (We’re prone because of our furbabies and because we live by the sea, we swim a lot, not lately because it’s been really cold), pimples, skin scarring, a little under the weather, we heal fast and we heal naturally. We find our bodies are stronger than ever. It also means you enjoy and love nature more than anything else.

We hope you enjoyed our Vanuatu Birthday Musing! Thank you for reading up to here. As a token of our appreciation, we will include a Certified Organic Tamanu Oil 15ml Roll on for Free worth $15.95 if you spend at least $75 in Our Boutique One Stop Convenience Shop Online . It’s a shop online dedicated for Organic Health & Beauty – Hand Made | Hand Processed (CrueltyFree/Eco-Friendly) Products of Vanuatu that are made in Vanuatu.

Birthday in Vanuatu – A Glorious Day, Cracking Sunset & a Turtle

PS: Should you need Scott to film your Vanuatu Wedding, Special Events, Birthdays, Conferences, Special Shows, Adverts who has 10 years of experience, feel free to contact him. Visit Scott’s Website, You Tube and Facebook. What do you think of them?! Scott I gat style different from others. 🙂

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