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Welcome February 2017! Chocolate - Natural Organic Living

Welcome February 2017! Chocolate

1 Month Down, 11 Exciting Months to Go! How were your first 31 days of 365? We trust it was amazing, fun and full of life! ūüôā

February is the month of LOVE – ¬†Saint Valentines Day!! ūüôā¬†though we believe that LOVE should be¬†expressed & shown¬†every single moment.¬†Love, Love, Love, Love.. Just Love.. Whether you’re single or not.. LOVE..

Have you got any plans yet? Are you looking for gifts for your loved ones coming from Vanuatu, South Pacific? Have a peak at our Shop Online and¬†SURPRISE your Loves! We’re excited because¬†have now¬†added one of our Healthy Vanuatu yummy treats called Aelan Chocolate¬†! ūüôā

What have you got in store for February? How about some reading?


Did you know that reading, researching and experimenting is also FUN? It is! Let’s start now with¬†this question –¬†did you ever wonder Why we have INTENSE CRAVINGS sometimes?

Now…¬†Have you?¬†We surely have! If you have, it’s time to do some research, start reading and start learning.

Just this morning I encountered this website WiseMindHealthyBody and I learnt again; thanks to those scientists who had taken time to study & research; that when our body have intense cravings for¬†‘unhealthy’ foods, it means that our body is lacking some minerals, nutrients, electrolytes¬†that help our body function well.

Do make time, let’s learn together about¬†cravings and what it means.. this will help you achieve one of your 2017 Goals – to get Healthier.. It’s quite interesting!


  • 1. Chocolate – ¬†Our body is lacking this mineral called Magnesium. According to some studies, it is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in our body¬†and one of these is RELAXATION. Dr. Mercola has listed here the many health benefits of dark chocolate. Do you believe it? The only way to know is to have some when you crave for it. When you do, would you please share with¬†our community¬†if you feel better after eating DARK Chocolate? Try our¬† Vanuatu Aelan Chocolate!¬†PS: Are there alternatives to get Magnesium instead of reaching out and eat dark chocolates? YES! But you have to try it yourself to believe and to observe such as¬†dark leafy vegetables, seeds & nuts, fish, beans and blackstrap molasses.
  • 2. Sugary Foods & Drinks – How true is it? Cakes, Fizzy Drinks, etc! These are killers especially when we’re trying to get healthy.¬†They said – articles & books –¬†that to practice self-control, identification, reason out¬†and discipline helps. And¬†they are right, for me anyway.¬†How? Okay so when we¬†take a look at the activities¬†we just did¬†going back to¬†the past 2 weeks, food & drinks¬†we’ve been eating & drinking, we believe that we¬†will have a bit of an idea why, wouldn’t you agree?¬†I mean we’re no experts but maybe because¬†we have been doing what we’ve been doing, we crave for some easy comforting unhealthy foods that may contain ingredients our body needs, such as salt, sugar, etc,.¬†that can help our intense cravings put to rest.¬†Therefore, if we know what we did¬†& eat, we will know what to¬†do next – what healthy food & drinks to reach out.

Below are just some small reasons why we feel intense cravings through article reading about these, personal¬†observations & experiences…

A. Eating non-nutritious food – food that’s lacking healthy source of carbohydrates, proteins, etc that our body needs. When¬†our body is not getting what it needs.. our body then¬†craves for it. When you do make sure you reach out for healthy source of carbs & proteins that are found in nature, reach for natural & organic dark chocolate and or other healthier alternatives we described.

B. Sweating/Exercising/after Walk/after Jogging/Alcohol Drinking –¬†these can cause dehydration which means our electrolytes needs replenishing… ¬†If you research about electrolytes, you will know that to keep our electrolytes balanced is very important.¬†Know how important Electrolytes¬†here

-the above activities can cause for our body to stress; sometimes makes us feel depressed Рthus to rest & to replenish nutrition / electrolytes lost in our body are vital.


We must always remember that¬†at the end of the day, whether¬†we chose to reach for the unhealthy alternative or chose the healthy choice.. we always reap what we sow… healthy choice begets¬†healthy result.. bad unhealthy¬†choice begets unhealthy result… However, sometimes it’s also necessary to give in to our cravings as long as it’s not extreme because it can also make us happy.. ūüôā downside: you will feel sorry & guilty¬†afterwards!! Your Choice.. Our Choice.. Our Nature’s Gift

PS: Please do your own reading, research and experiment as you please without causing any harm.. always go for when benefits outweighs the risk.



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