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Lapita Cafe Vanuatu – Who are they? Have you heard of Lapita Cafe Vanuatu? Have you ever wondered who’s behind the development of Local Food in Vanuatu? Or who’s behind the production of Local Cookies, Gluten Free Flour, Gluten Free Cookies, Jams, Banana Chips, Taro Chips, Nagae (Canarium) Nuts that you’ve taken home as souvenirs to remind you of your amazing, fantastic, Vanuatu Holiday? that’s hitting our local Shops including Souvenir Shops around Vanuatu? Or some of the treats you’ve had in the resorts that you’ve stayed or had on board Air Vanuatu or other flights coming in or going out Vanuatu? Lapita Café is behind all these yummy delicious treats!

You’re also in Brilliant Luck because you’ll be Meeting this empowered woman & her rest of empowered Lapita Café Team here. They’re the wonderful people, a local business behind & responsible for providing our nation all the goodness our nature has gifted us – from our nature to our plate.

Know its brief history! It’s also our absolute pleasure & honour to introduce the Pillar behind Lapita Café Limited – 20 years in business. Please meet this amazing woman – Madame Votausi & her Amazing Empowered Men & Women. Yes, we’re bragging because we feel very lucky & blessed to meet & have Madame Votausi Mackenzie-Reur & her Lapita Café Team on board our Natural Organic Vanuatu Joint Venture!

Did you know that Madame Votausi is a qualified & registered Nutritionist? There you go!

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Can you ever guess Madame Votausi’s age? You wouldn’t believe it! If you can (except to those who have already asked Madame!), leave a Comment at the bottom of this page.. If you’ve met her, you would also notice as we have that she has very young for her age, clean, clear & smooth skin & you can’t help yourself & wonder how young this empowered woman Votausi is. So we asked and we couldn’t believe it!

Lucky for us, Madame Votausi shared her Beautiful, Smooth & Young Looking Skin secret with us! She humbly & simply said that it’s not really secret.. It’s just that here in Vanuatu, we’re blessed with natural organic supplies – gifts from nature – such as food, drink and natural skin care. Go Natural.. Eat Natural.. There we have it folks! Thank you Madame

Yes, we’re all about having you who are now also into natural organic food, drink & skin care and those who are not in Vanuatu to also taste what we’ve been spoilt by our nature in Vanuatu in the comfort of your own home whilst waiting for your Vanuatu Holiday Trip to arrive.

Get to Know More About Lapita Cafe’s Vanuatu – A Brief History Here


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You can find Lapita Cafe Vanuatu goodies here!
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