Treat & Spoil Mum! Our Mother’s Day Special is Now On!

Happy Mother’s Day To All Amazing Mothers Out There!

Mother’s Day is coming soon – 14th May 2017! Thus, Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all Amazing Mothers out there! Also, to all the Biological Mums, to all Step Mums, Mother in Laws, Pet Mothers and Grand Mothers. Moreover to everyone who has taken the risk and the responsibility, who have stepped up to love and to take care of another human being. Happy Mother’s Day to You all! May you all have the best day. May all of your Motherly and Earthly desires and wishes comes true. Finally, we wish you Pure Love, Joy and Happiness for eternity!

Hey, speaking of Mothers Day, how would you like to share a Gift of Organic Health and Beauty Products of Vanuatu with Your Mum?! Is that a yes? Great! Fantastic! Thus,we are all excited to process and ship your online orders and we thank you in advance!

Choose Your Mother’s Day Gifts below or simply search for your Favourite Organic Products that you want Mum to try!

Please remember that our 15% Coupon Code “Mum” Expires 15th May 2017 – Vanuatu Time.

Also please bear in mind that if your aim is for Mum to receive her gifts on time, it is important that you SHOP NOW, so that they receive their Mother’s day gifts on time. Additionally, it normally takes about 10 to 14 days to receive parcels from date of shipping from where we are, however sometimes it takes a little longer. Thus, it is entirely dependent on the post after leaving our warehouse.

We would also suggest to shop now so you can SAVE up to 15% Off on all our Products as discount offer expires on the 15th May 2017 – Vanuatu Time. Also, Please Use Coupon Code “MUM” at our Shop’s checkout.

Rest assured that for every luxurious product that you purchase – you are making a huge impact on lives of every Ni-Vanuatu involved in creating your fabulous purchase. Additionally, you are helping them to always have food on their table, roofs over their heads and send their kids “pikininis” to school.

Happy Mother's Day treat yourself

Our Happy Mother’s Day Special

It will be our First to celebrate Mother’s Day and to offer Mother’s Day Special. Additionally, when we celebrated Easter just a few weeks ago, it was a success because of all of you. Also, we cannot thank you enough for all your support and for all your orders. We also hope that our Mother’s Day Special will also be a success.

Do you have any plans for this wonderful occasion yet?

Hugs, Cuddles and Greetings are enough for Mum. But just in case that you want to share a gift, surprise and gift Mum. We have something special, exotic, sustainable, something organic and luxurious from this side of the world, Vanuatu, South Pacific. Furthermore, we are super excited and delighted to showcase our Organic Health and Beauty Products of Vanuatu found in our Shop.

We thought and believe, in our humble opinion, that there’s something you can buy to gift your Mum. Also we have Loads of Fabulous and Luxurious Selection of Natural Organic Health and Beauty Products of Vanuatu that you can choose from. Additionally we have Naturally Organic Products like Healthy Food and Beverage, Herbs and Spices, Skin, Body and Hair Care.

Why we Are Early 

We’re Early so Mum will receive her Fabulous & Luxurious GIFTS from Vanuatu on Time for Mother’s Day. Also, this is Exciting – 17 days to go from 28th April to 14th May 2017! HAPPINESS! PRICELESS!


Happy Mother's Day Organic Products Gift
Shop Mother’s Day Gifts

We are excited for your Mum and all the Mothers out there!

Imagine yourself receiving a Parcel from your Postman unexpectedly and seeing it coming from the other side of the world? Also, from a Pristine Paradise Environment? How would you feel? It feels amazing, right? Moreover, that being said, how do you think Mum would feel? Also, in our opinion, we believe that Your Mum, Biological or Step Mum, Your Children’s Mother will also feel the same if not even more so!!

So, it will be our honour, a great privilege should you let our South Pacific Organic Health and Beauty Products also say I Love You Mum on Mother’s Day! Also, it is truly a wonderful opportunity to do this for you! Finally, thank you for the amazing opportunity and we are all grateful!

Choose Your Happy Mother’s Day Gifts for Mum from our Recommendations below or simply search your Favourite Products!

SHOP NOW (so Mum or your Loved ones receives their gifts on time) and to SAVE 15% Off on all our Products – Use Coupon Code “MUM” at our Shop’s checkout.

Please remember that our 15% Coupon Code “Mum” Expires 15th May 2017 – Vanuatu Time.

Treat Yourself!

In addition, we hope that you can find what you are looking to buy. However, if you cannot – please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we shall do our best to make it happen!! So go on and spoil your mum with a Happy Mother’s Day gift that is  organic for their health and beauty! Moreover, we hope that you enjoy your organic shopping experience with us and do so safely and securely! Finally, please join the organic movement to help make the world a better and healthier place!

Happy Mother’s Day!
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