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Buy Me I’m Hot & Chili! I’m grown and processed by “Ni-Vanuatu” ( the name of our Vanuatu people) farmers in the most isolated areas in Vanuatu archipelago: one of the purest ecosystem in the South Pacific. Product of Vanuatu. What more can you ask for?

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Spice Up Your Life with Organic Paradise Hot Chili Powder 30g

Hot Chili Powder Organic – Buy Me I’m Hot & Chili! Also referred to as Chilli & Chile. I’m Organically grown and processed by “Ni-Vanuatu” or ‘Ni-Vans’ (the name of the Vanuatu people), farmers in the most isolated areas in Vanuatu archipelago: one of the purest ecosystem in the South Pacific. Product of Vanuatu.

What more can you ask for?

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History of Hot Chili Powder
Chili pepper belongs to the genus Capsicum, which is derived from the Greek word ‘Kapsimo’ meaning ‘to bite’. Hence, when eaten, the chili gives off a burning sensation. Chili pepper was widely used in the cuisines of Central and South America due to the hot and spicy flavor. Moreover, it gained popularity for its use as a decorative item, graduating to be a foodstuff and medicine. With Christopher Columbus setting on a journey from Portugal to discover spices, he landed in South America and found the chili. He named them ‘peppers’ simply because they tasted similar to black peppers. He brought them to Spain and spread them to Europe first, and then to South Asian countries, particularly India and China. Soon, it became a part of prime spices used in the local cuisines. Today, chili peppers are cultivated in all over the world.

Health Benefits of Hot Chili Powder

Chili powder contains sufficient amount of vitamin A which fulfills one’s daily intake. Besides, it contributes to the maintenance of eyesight and takes care of bones, teeth, skin, internal membranes and reproductive systems.

Chili powder acts as an excellent antioxidant due to the presence of vitamin C in abundance. Vitamin C is essential for strengthening the immune system, healing injuries, and fighting against damage caused by free radicals which can otherwise increase the chances of developing harmful health conditions, like cancer and heart disease.

1.With beta carotenoids present in chili powder, they wipe out the radical bodies that can promote build-up of cholesterol, thereby leading to major heart diseases, like atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

2.By acting as a detoxifier, chili powder helps in eliminating waste products from the body and increases the supply of nutrients to the tissues.

3.Chili powder stimulates the release of endorphins that act as natural pain killers. Thus, relieving pain caused due to shingles, bursitis, diabetic neuropathy and muscles spasm in shoulders and extremities.

4.Chili powder enhances the flow of fresh blood to the site of infections. Also this fresh blood fights against the infection while the leukocytes and white blood cells battle against the viruses.

5.Vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid in chili powder combine to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Furthermore, the cartonoid lycopene present in chili powder provides protection against various types of cancer.

6.Vitamin B6, present in chili powder, is known for lowering high homocysteine levels that can cause damage to blood vessels and hence increase the risk of contracting heart attacks and stroke.

7.By enhancing the metabolism rates, chili powder brings relief to nasal congestion and opens lung airways; thus, reducing the symptoms of asthma and wheezing. To add on, chili powder lessens the effects of chronic congestion amongst heavy drinkers.

8.With vitamin A present in abundance, chili powder lowers inflammation of lungs and emphysema, which occurs due to cigarette smoking that contains benzopyrene. This is known for eliminating vitamin A from the body.

Some other health benefits associated with consumption of chili powder include soothing stomach aches. Also inducing perspiration in hot climates to cool the skin, reducing triglycerides, relieving congestion and stuffiness. Additionally, killing bacteria leading to stomach ulcers, enhancing blood circulation and alleviating fever. Furthermore, promoting weight loss, stimulating saliva production and treating headaches, sore throats and toothaches.

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