PURE Sandalwood Powder


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Why Because I’m your PURIST Vanuatu Sandalwood powder you can find. Use me on my own or mixed with turmeric or kaolin clay as your natural face masks or scrubs, to use as muds and peeling wraps for my moistening, astringent and balancing qualities, as well as treatments for skin complaints such as acne, blackheads and the like.


PURE Vanuatu Sandalwood Powder

Why Buy PURE Vanuatu Sandalwood Powder

PURE Vanuatu Sandalwood Powder is the ground heartwood of the tree, and contains over 6% of the valuable sandalwood oil. There are many uses of Sandalwood Powder. Please research and know about its many benefits. The challenge nowadays is to find where to get quality reliable & sustainable sources. This challenge is ended by getting our Sandalwood Powder.

To create weekly face mask: Scoop a tablespoon of PURE Vanuatu Sandalwood Powder and put in a bowl. Add your natural yoghurt or Sandalwood Hydrosol or Just water, gradually and mix together until you make a paste. You can add your own other natural plant powder such as turmeric into the mixture. This mask you created is known to treat acne, pimples and keep your facial skin clear. You can also use this as your facial & body scrub & polish.

Application: Wash & clean your face using your own creation of facial cleansing oil from our DIY Trio Pack  before applying your sandalwood mask. Leave on for about 5 to 8 minutes then wash with cold water. Feel your skin tighten, feel clean, smooth & clear after.

Finish with Sandalwood & Tamanu Cream or with our Tamanu Oil mixed with Honey Sandalwood powder wherever its from, is also used for religious purposes, for mixing pastes as well for burning. Our Vanuatu Summit sandalwood powder burns readily, with a wonderful aroma and plenty of smoke.

Buy PURE Vanuatu Sandalwood Powder direct from Supplier. The challenge nowadays is to find where to get quality reliable & sustainable sources. This challenge is ended by getting The Summit Sandalwood Powder.

Additional Skin Care Tip: Drink Water as many as you can a day. 250ml x 8 a day is highly recommended according to studies & research. What you eat & do also matters.

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In addition, we hope that you can find what you are looking to buy. However, if you cannot – please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we shall do our best to make it happen!! So go on and spoil yourself by buying something organic for your health and beauty from us! Moreover, we hope that you enjoy your organic shopping experience with us and do so safely and securely! Finally, please join the organic movement to help make the world a better and healthier place!

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