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Shop Organic Anti Aging Face Care Pack - Proven & Highly Recommended

The Best Organic Anti-Aging Face Care Pack


Your Real Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Shop the Best Organic Anti Aging Face Care Pack

Why Would You Want to Buy Me

I’m the best selling effective organic anti aging face care set packed with essential Anti-Aging ingredients. I’m your fabulous aromatherapy complete anti aging products made from Volcanic Earth’s Virgin Coconut Oil and certified organic Tamanu Oil for optimum results.

See What’s in the Pack in the Product Description. Shop Organic Anti Aging Face Care Pack now & see amazing results after using it in just a few days! Please see Product Description below to know how to use each anti aging product.


Proven & Effective Organic Anti-Aging Face Care Pack

Shop Organic Anti Aging Face Care Pack

What’s in the pack

1.Tamanu Oil Face Cleanser 135ml

2.Facial Toner 135ml

3.Honey & Pumice Exfoliant 60ml

4.Facial Moisturizer 135ml

5.Eye Cream 15ml

6.Night Cream 15ml

7.Facial Clay 60ml.

What are the Benefits of each anti aging product & Direction of Use

Shop Organic Anti Aging Face Care Pack for its natural organic skin care goodness. Good for your skin & our environment.

1. Facial Cleanser 135ml: HIGH PERFORMANCE Rich, natural daily face cleanser of Virgin Coconut Oil, certified organic Tamanu Oil, Lavender and Rose Geranium. Spreads easily to keep your pores clear – for all skin types! Use circular motions and gently spread over the surface of your face and neck. When ready, rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Apply morning & night – Follow with our Facial Toner and Facial Moisturizer.

2. Facial Toner 135ml: Your Natural Face toner with certified organic Tamanu Oil and scented with Lavender and Rose Geranium. Removes excess oil, minimises open pores, cools, soothes and refreshes your skin. Apply straight after cleansing and do not let the Toner dry out completely on your skin before applying moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types

3. Honey & Pumice Exfoliant 60ml: Your GENTLE FACE EXFOLIATOR Polish your skin to a healthier complexion with this natural face scrub! Enriched with our micro-fine volcanic pumice powder, our certified organic, Tamanu Oil, pure Virgin Coconut Oil and Vanuatu honey. Volcanic pumice and the sulphur found in such volcanic ingredients is important for assisting in the relief of skin problems and for the regeneration of your complexion.

4. Facial Moisturizer 135ml: FOR CLEAR + RADIANT SKIN. Applying a natural moisturizer for the face is the final step to moisturizing your skin. Helps prevent moisture loss and offers that additional moisture boost your skin needs.Non comedogenic moisturizer with the skin rejuvenating and anti-aging secrets of pure Tamanu Oil. Perfect for a clear, blemish-free complexion in a very short time.

5. Eye Cream 15ml: Your ANTI -WRINKLE EYE CREAM. A follow-up treatment that reduces expression wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and decreases any puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Boosted with anti- ageing Tamanu Oil. Apply after using our Night Cream (see below). Another winning Tamanu Product!

6. Night Cream 135ml: THE RIGHT NIGHT CREAM. A natural, anti aging night cream enriched with super nourishing oils. High performing, nourishing antioxidant night cream, rich in Virgin Coconut Oil, pure Tamanu Oil, Lavender and Rose Geranium. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and increase skin elasticity, hydration and restore smoothness. Apply nightly.

7. Facial Clay 60ml: Your SKIN PURIFYING MASK. Natural face masks are great for optimum facial skin care. This Volcanic Earth Clay Mask contains specially formulated ingredients for a face skin care regime that will help restore and keep your skin in really great shape. Cleanse face using our cleansing oil for maximum benefit and then apply mask evenly. Leave on for 15 mins. before removing. If your skin is dry, don’t allow the mask to dry out – just simply spray with water.

Our Key Ingredients

1. Tamanu Oil – a certified organic, skin rejuvenating agent that is fast, effective and all natural.

2. Grapefruit Seed Extract – an effective natural preservative.

3. Volcanic Pumice Powder – superfine and therefore very gentle pumice, high in mineral content. It is naturally formed, requires no chemicals to process the granules and is an exceptional exfoliant.

4. Rose Geranium Oil – an astringent. Useful for both oily and combination skin types.

5. Lavender Essential Oil – Suitable for all skin typess. Smells great. Virgin Coconut Oil = renowned for it’s skin moisturising qualities.

6. Volcanic Mineral Clays – We have chosen the purest volcanic clays to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. These clays are mined deep below the earth’s surface and contain high mineral content and are pure and natural.


Best stored at room temperature. Doesn’t mind hotter temperatures but extreme heat will lessen the shelf life. Cool to cold temperatures will cause some separation of the fatty acids. As with all skin care products, test for any allergic reaction on a small area of the skin first.

Our Pharmacist Additional Skin Care Tip: Hydrate, keep away from cigarette smoke, sleep well, eat well, always wear Hat & other sun protection when under the Sun, Sweat & always follow your daily & weekly facial & body natural skin care regime. Daily dose of Vitamin C & Sunshine Make sure you don’t miss sharing our fabulous natural organic face care full pack product to your family & friends who you know could benefit our natural skin care product. Feel sexy & Feel empowered.

Now is the time to shop organic anti aging face care pack. A Natural Organic Anti-Aging Product from Vanuatu, South Pacific.

Treat Yourself!

In addition, we hope that you can find what you are looking to buy. However, if you cannot – please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we shall do our best to make it happen!! So go on and spoil yourself by buying something organic for your health and beauty from us! Moreover, we hope that you enjoy your organic shopping experience with us and do so safely and securely! Finally, please join the organic movement to help make the world a better and healthier place!

Additional information

Weight 1200 g


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