Organic Skin Nourishing Soap

Here you will find our natural and organic skin nourishing soap – A Selection of treats for your skin! In addition they are high quality, luxury and organic products from Paradise – Vanuatu! Also, we offer only the very best, hand picked for you from all the amazing products available here. Most of all, they are all in one fabulous one stop Organic Shop for your convenience!

Why Use Organic Skin Nourishing Soap?

There’s no better way to help keep your skin clean, fresh and free from harmful, skin & health damaging parasites and bacteria than washing daily with natural organic skin nourishing soap. Soap with skin loving ingredients such as Tamanu Oil, Volcanic Ash and Virgin Coconut Oil – so high in antioxidants and moisturizing goodness. Want Good Skin? Take your pick from our selection or your money back. It’s known that having good skin starts with good natural organic soap.

So why not spoil yourself – go on because You are worth it!

Natural Organic Living – Your one stop shop for all the best luxurious organic health and beauty products from paradise!