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Here you will find our Natural, Organic and Fabulous Tanna Farms Shop. A Selection of treats for your skin, body and soul! In addition they are high quality, luxury and organic products from Paradise – Vanuatu! Also, we offer only the very best, hand picked for you from all the amazing products available here. Most of all, they are all in one fabulous one stop Organic Shop for your convenience!

Our coconut oil is Certified Organic, 100% natural, 100% handmade, and created with a 100% renewable energy source. The DME ( Direct Micro Expelling ) process we follow uses coconut shell and husk as fuel, so that nothing goes to waste.

That’s good news for you and for the environment, and good news for the people of Tanna. Other forms of coconut oil production can see old coconuts taken far from their plantations. Where they are processed with chemicals or high heat and without local employment. Our coconuts are processed on the island they were grown on, with local people given sustainable employment in our small factory. Furthermore, we teach skills and empower communities to determine their own future.

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