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Healthy Food - Natural & Organic Eggplant - Natural Organic Living

Healthy Food – Natural & Organic Eggplant

When you live in the tropics like in Vanuatu, not only that you are spoilt with untouched beaches, lush nature and abundant sunshine, you are also spoilt with loads of organic vegetables, fruits, natural skin care products and BEEF galore if you’re also carnivorous at times like us. Not to mention, the ever friendly locals when they’re in a good mood (almost everyone you meet)!

We’re going to show you how you can create different dishes out of an EGGPLANT or some other call it AUBERGINE or in Michelle’s local dialect ‘talong’, ‘tawong’. Eggplant

You can easily spot this at Port Vila Main Local Market or at Manples Market or anywhere there’s market stall especially when in season. Also you can get this at our Local Grocery Shops such as Bon Marche or at Traverso. Additionally you can also easily grow this. Nope, we don’t have it in ‘our’ yard yet. Our 4 legged babies don’t seem to agree with it.. hah! 🙂

  • 1. Eggplant Salad  All you need is 3 to 4 pieces if Eggplant or as many as you want. You can roast/grill it – whole or Boil them. Roasting/Grilling: Set aside to cool down then peel off the skin. Put the flesh in a bowl then set aside. Boiling –  Boil for until it’s cooked – you can also peel but you can also include its skin this time. Cut them in your size preference and set aside. Cut some garlic & onions into small pieces then add to your set aside cooked eggplant. Get brown vinegar or balsamic vinegar then pour as little or as much as you want to your garlic & eggplant mix then fold and mix. Mix 2 table spoon of Olive Oil, salt to taste and it’s ready! PS: You can also add more seasoning to it such as pepper, ginger and other natural spices. You now have Eggplant Salad ready to eat. Best eaten with Barbeque/Roast/Grilled Food.
  • 2. EGGPLANT FRITTATA  20170115_133002Get Eggplant as many as you want – do approximation, prepare a pan for frying. Bring to a Boil or Roast/Grill same as we showed you how to prepare eggplant for eggplant salad. While eggplant is boiling or roasting, get a wide mouth bowl, crack egg or two then scramble it using a whisk or fork. Add salt, pepper, other natural spices you like to taste and two tbsp. wholemeal flour. Grab one boiled or roasted/grilled eggplant at a time; put it into egg mixture then coat it by flattening it using fork. Turn eggplant to make sure front and back are coated with egg mixture well. Then, Put the stove on, start heating your pan and add olive oil. Don’t wait for olive oil to heat, take a piece of flattened eggplant and egg mixture and fry. Turn the eggplant over when you think the other side is cooked, you will see it turned into golden brown. Finally you’re done! You have EGGPLANT Frittata!

You can eat the above the way that Scott eat it


  • or the way Michelle eats it with Tomato Sauce, Eggplant Salad, Ligo Sardines and rice poured with vinegar from Scott’s homemade Pickled Chillies for Michelle… Hot & Spicy delight!20170115_134328
  • 3. Eggplant in your Homemade Beef Soup We tried adding it to our homemade soup however we found out that We are not a fan of adding eggplant to this kind of soup, never again. We end up creating cream soup from this soup and it tasted more we like with eggplant in it.. PS: Feel free to ask what’s this teaspoon doing in our soup…


  • 4. Sauteed Eggplant on its own or with meat – Cut eggplant in half then slice into long about 10mm thickness strips or slice across to get round-shape size. Put the pan on heat, sauté garlic, onion and tomatoes in olive oil if you wish or coconut oil then add your sliced eggplants. Add Kikkoman soy sauce, a pinch of salt, add pepper if you wish to taste. Cover and leave for 5 to 10 minutes then mix. Leave it on for another 15minutes until cooked and you will have nice, sautéed eggplant 🙂 PS: You can also cream to it so you have cream eggplant – Yummmmm!
  • 5. Fried/Grilled Eggplant – Cut/Slice your eggplants to your desired size, then fry or grill it with olive oil and a dash of salt on both sides

The known benefits of Eggplants. Below is an infograph created by Organic Facts.  You can also do further research by typing Eggplant benefits on google search engines or on yahoo or bing. There are loads of reliable resources out there..



There are many ways to cook Eggplant, what we showed you are 5 simple ways to make dishes out of it. Where you will only need Eggplant, Salt to taste, Brown/Malt Vinegar, Eggs, some Flour, Garlic, Onion, Olive oil/coconut oil. PS: You can also eat Grilled/Roast/Boiled Eggplant on its own if you wish.

Healthy Food – Natural & Organic Eggplant
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